• 20 May 2021 9:32 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Let’s go skiing at Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort in the Cascade Mountain range!   It is located in Central Oregon, about 22 miles west of Bend, Oregon, and is on a dormant volcano. It is the 6th largest ski resort in the country and is a great resort for all types of skiers. 

    The skiable area is 5.75 sq miles, with 101 runs. The maximum run length is four miles, with a vertical drop of 3,365 ft, and the top elevation is 9,065 ft.  The ski area has runs of 360 degrees off the summit with skiing above the tree line with excellent views. The majority of the mountain immediately accessible by the lifts consists of blue runs and a few green runs. There are also many black runs accessed from the Norwest chair lift and some off the Summit lift.  

    The vibrant town of Bend (“The Unofficial Beer Capital of the USA”) located along the Deschutes River, beckons visitors with many micro-breweries and many other restaurants to fill any food craving.  The Old Mill District in Bend also boasts more than 12 riverfront restaurants that feature everything from exotic happy hours and fine dining to kid-friendly family-style meals.

    If you want a day off from skiing, besides spending time in the town of Bend, there are many opportunities for snowshoeing and hiking. Try a Deschutes National Forest snowshoe tour in the day or in the evening guided by stars; or a “brews & views” tour all interpreted by a naturalist.  For more high-speed fun, try dog sledding or Snowblast tubing.  Or spend the day at one of Oregon’s most iconic visitor destinations, Smith Rock State Park, for hiking and wildlife viewing.

    Contact Sandy or Mark Koss for more information.  Registration forms are on the CSC website.

  • 23 Apr 2021 9:05 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    From all reports, last month’s outdoor membership meet went well, so let’s do it again this month (did it go well because I wasn’t there?).  We’ll meet at Willis & Hilda Jones’ Flat Duck Event Venue (7742 Three Notch Rd., Ringgold, GA 30736) on May 4th, with a social time at 6:30 and the business meeting starting at 7pm.  Since we have the Virginia Creeper Bike Ride coming up on May 21-23, Barb Wise has arranged a guest speaker for the meeting, Eric Hunt of Owen Cyclery in Hixson.

    Speaking of the Creeper Bike ride, if you haven’t tried this, you should.  You don’t have to be an expert cyclist; all you HAVE to do is coast downhill for 17 miles, if that is all you want to do (if you want to do more, that’s available).  You don’t need a fancy mountain bike; you can rent one from the bike shop there (as I do).  You don’t need form-fitting spandex bike shorts; just wear what is comfortable for you.   Welcome to the Virginia Creeper Trail - a National Rail-to-Recreation Trail (

    Don’t forget about the other activities we have coming up:
       Zip Line Adventure - May 6
       Volunteering at the Food Bank June TBD
       Lake Party – July 10
       SUP party – August 1
       Bardstown Bourbon Trail – September TBD
       Len Foote Hike Inn – October 29-30
    With all this to look forward to, it seems like life is finally getting back to normal, finally!

    I ran across an interesting article, from the Colorado Sun, about uniformed police skiing the slopes of Vail and Beaver Creek, since 2005 (I’ve never seen them, have you?).  One quote from the article “It’s impressive how little policing is needed for skiersVail sees more than 20,000 visitors most winter Saturdays. And police rarely need to help patrollers or safety crews on the mountain. Think about a gathering of more than 20,000 people anywhere. Chances are, there are more than a couple cops there to keep things orderly.  Maybe this is part of the reason I like skiers in general, and our club in particular. Cops on skis keep the peace at Vail and Beaver Creek. But they’re more likely to lend a friendly mitten. (

    We have a large number of new members to report, Lauren Caldwell, Michael Johnson, Matthew Kramer, Blake Carter, Breanna Carter, Easton Carter, Emma Carter, Scott Harris, Sonya Lee, Adam Seiler, and Dale Whaley.  Let’s all welcome them.

    Stay safe everyone,


  • 22 Mar 2021 10:16 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    With the warmer weather and people getting vaccinated, the board of directors has decided to hold our April Membership meeting in-person on Tuesday April 6th.  Like last October’s and November’s meetings, we will be outdoors at Hilda and Willis Jones' Flat Duck Farm (7742 Three Notch Rd., Ringgold, GA 30736).  No meal will be served, but you can come at 6:30pm to socially interact distantly, then the regular meeting will start at 7pm.


    The news everyone has been awaiting: at the April meeting we will announce the dates and destinations of all trips and start sign-up for the western (non-Europe) trips.  Scott Kramer has been working very hard to put together an excellent slate of trips, so bring your checkbook to be the first to sign up for a trip.  As a teaser, you’ll be interested to know that starting at the May membership meeting you will be able to make trip payments by credit card, more information on that will be in next month's newsletter.  For those of you who buy EPIC and/or IKON passes, there are advantages to purchasing them through our vendor, so please hold off until after the April meeting where details about these passes will be provided.


    Also, at the April meeting we will be holding elections of officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) for the 2021-2022 year.  Jim Bates has agreed to be the Nominating Committee Chair for the election.  If you are interested in running for one of these offices, please contact Jim at (706)-537-6331 or


    Speaking of trips, don’t forget that beginning October 1st (just 6 months away) you must have a REAL ID (or passport) to board a domestic flight.

    A REAL ID will cost the same as current Tennessee licenses and IDs. If it is time to renew your license, the cost to obtain a REAL ID driver license or Identification credential will be the standard renewal fee of an 8-year credential. However, if you are not within your renewal period and you wish to obtain a REAL ID compliant credential, you will be charged a duplicate fee.  Federal law requires that your first application for a REAL ID compliant credential be made in person. 

    For details of what you need to get your REAL ID (for those of us blessed to live in Tennessee) see this website: REAL ID Requirements (  To schedule an appointment to get a REAL ID in Tennessee use this link:  Wizard Appointment -Units (  For more information on TN and for information on other states see REAL ID | Homeland Security ( and on the US map that appears, click on your state.

    Everyone should have received an email on March 12th reporting the passing of Betty Hubbs a long time member and caterer for our meetings when we met at Finley Stadium.  When the email went out, we didn’t have any additional information, but since then Hilda has gotten the address of her husband, Fred Hubbs, should anyone want to send a card: 249 West Pine Valley Ln., Rotonda, FL 33947.

    This is where I usually introduce new members, but we don’t have any this month.  So we’ve all fallen down on our job of recruiting new members!

    For those that attended, how did you like the virtual membership meeting last month?  Hopefully we won’t have to do it again, but should the need arise, what, if anything, should be done differently?  Let me know what you think.

    Stay safe everyone,

  • 27 Feb 2021 4:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Since we haven’t been able to meet in person for a while, at the last board of directors’ meeting we decided to try a virtual meeting.   So, Tuesday evening March 2nd at 7pm, we will have a meeting via ZOOM.  We also have a guest speaker lined up to give a brief talk.  I’m looking forward to at least getting to see some faces that I haven’t seen in a while.  To get an invitation to the virtual meeting, you can either send me an email ( or a text (423-827-2779) with your name and email address.  We will also be sending out a group email to the membership, probably about the same time this newsletter goes out, with the same instructions.  Then the morning of the meeting (March 2nd), those that have replied, will receive a meeting invitation.  

    At the next in-person membership meeting, which could occur as early as April, we will have elections of officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) for the 2021-2022 year.  Jim Bates has agreed to be the Nominating Committee Chair for the election, whenever we get to have it.  If you are interested in running for one of these offices, please contact Jim at (706)-537-6331 or 

    Be sure to read Jim Mullenix’s article about the just completed Taos ski trip.  I know everyone is wondering about what trips we will have in the winter of 2021-2022.  Scott Kramer, our Trip Coordinator is hard at work, using the results of December’s survey, determining where we will be going.  As we finalize things we will pass on the information.

    In Summit County Colorado two back country skiers are on trial for reckless endangerment.  The District Attorney says they endangered drivers when they skied above the west portal of the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnels on March 25, 2020 and they should pay $168,000 to replace an avalanche mitigation system destroyed in the slide.  The case marks the first-ever criminal charges filed against skiers involved in an avalanche in Colorado.

    On a related, but much sadder note, the first week of February, between the 1st and the 8th, a record was set for the highest number of avalanche deaths recorded in a seven-day period since the US Forest Service's National Avalanche Center started tracking deaths.  During this week fifteen people, including an Army Ranger who survived a helicopter crash in Iraq, died in eight separate incidents in seven different states.  So far this season there have been 29 fatalities, surpassing last year’s season total of 23.  In many of these cases the skiers were considered to be highly knowledgeable regarding backcountry safety, and well equipped with the right gear. I think the people at Ski Essentials (Top Five Fridays: February 12, 2021 - Chairlift Chat ( summed it up well by saying “Unfortunately, this serves as an extremely sad reminder that the forces of nature do not care who you are or what you know. Avalanches are a very real danger for anyone in the backcountry, and the best piece of safety equipment is a strict vigilance to an awareness of the conditions.”  Before anyone gets overly concerned about this, none of these occurred “in-bounds” at ski resorts, but if you are the adventurous type that goes into the back-country, be aware of the hazards. 

    Last, please join me in welcoming our new members: Kimberly Everett and Jaimie Abbott. 

    Stay safe everyone, and I’m looking forward to seeing your smiling faces March 2nd!


  • 2 Feb 2021 2:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This year, due to Covid-19, the Chattanooga Ski Club only ran one ski trip to Taos, New Mexico. Twenty-five club members, including five new club members, signed up for a week of skiing that included the ability to take professional, week-long, two-hour ski lessons. Taos has state-of-the-art ski instructors that are first class.

    Well, as the year 2020 was coming to a close, we lost six members on the trip due to health issues, including a broken arm and other medical reasons. We finally lost only two to Covid-19 work restriction issues. That left 17 members including Jamie, a wonderful new twelve-year-old we welcomed to the club, who is the granddaughter of Bill and Christie Coolidge.

    Our group left Lovell Field on time on flights that were, at most, half full. Our three-hour bus ride to Taos included a lunch on the bus. We did our grocery shopping in Taos and came out of the store only to find the line to enter the store was five feet long. Upon arrival, our condos at Snakedance were a happy sight. Even better was the fact that they delivered our luggage and groceries to our rooms. The condo complex was at 30% occupancy, so we felt we were the only ones there.

    The skiing was great as well as the lessons on Wednesday. Some of the group used the Snakedance van to venture off to the Rio Grande del Norte Park, where the Rio Grande gorge and the Red River join. This was a beautiful drive in 4-5 inches of fresh snow. We then drove back to Taos and had lunch at a wonderful outdoor restaurant called The Martyr.

    The weather was beautiful all week and we were lucky to have only one minor injury. We had many small group gatherings for drinks and dinner. My only suggestion on this trip is to stay out of the wool and fur store in Taos Ski Valley called Andean Software. For more details, just ask George Etta Taylor, Hilda Jones, or Alica Posey. Other than that tidbit, just remember this: What goes on in Taos Valley stays in Taos Valley.

  • 22 Jan 2021 9:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As I write this, the Chattanooga Ski Club’s winter 2020 ski trip is finally under way!!!  We have a group at Taos Ski Valley, and to top it off - it is snowing there.  From the reports I’ve heard, everyone is having a great time.  I wish I was there with them, especially after watching the web cams with the snow and nearly empty runs.   I’m looking forward to Jim Mullenix’s report on the trip in next month’s newsletter, as what happens Taos doesn’t stay in Taos.

    I hope everyone who wants to get some skiing in this year is able to, either with the club or on their own trip.  As I’ve said earlier, if you are planning your own trip, be sure to keep up with the latest news and rules.  For example, a couple of weeks ago two smaller resorts, Hunter Mountain in NY and Bluebird Backcountry in CO, had to temporarily close due to positive cases among their staffs; and last week Pitkin Cy CO (Aspen/Snowmass) tightened their existing restrictions. 

    Perhaps it is fitting that our first, and due to COVID only, club ski trip this year is in January which is National Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month.  This initiative, which was started 2009, was created to get new skiers to take lessons from people who are certified to teach, and many resorts offer special deals for new athletes at over 200 ski areas and resorts located across the country.  Be thinking of ways we can recruit new members to join us on our trips next year.

    Scott Kramer, our Trip Coordinator is hard at work putting together ski trips for next winter, based on the input received from the survey.  Be sure to look at his article with the results of the survey to see how everyone responded.

    With the increases in COVID-19 cases and the cold weather preventing outdoor meetings, we are still holding off on in-person meetings until at least March, but the board will discuss this at their February meeting.  I know I miss getting to see everyone.

    Please join me in welcoming our new members: Juliana Bartra, Aaron Schaublin, and Theresa Sharp.  By the way, Theresa has already gotten involved in club activities as she was one of the people who volunteered at the Food Bank in December.

    Stay safe everyone,


  • 19 Dec 2020 3:04 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Good Riddance 2020, Welcome 2021!!!  2020 started out with three great ski trips to Snowmass, Colorado, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Banff, Alberta.  Then while we were having a wonderful time skiing at St. Moritz, things went downhill, and not in the way we like.  But when you think about it, since we had these winter activities, we got to do a lot more this year than most people.  As we close out this strange time, I hope everyone is having a good holiday season.

    Right after the last newsletter was published, we received more bad news about one of our 2021 ski trips.  The Mt. Bachelor ski resort is not booking groups of more than six people.  Our vendor was notified of this and was able to get a refund (not just a credit) from the airline and a refund on all other aspects of the trip.  As of now, the Taos trip is still on as planned.  The resort is open with a 44” base at the top of lift 7.  Some of the current requirements are: they are limited to 25% of uphill capacity (2225 skiers), the only indoor spaces on the mountain that are open are restrooms, masks are required, patrons cannot ride lifts with others not in their travel party, and gatherings are to be kept to a maximum of five individuals.  One good result of this is the people taking lessons will be with, at most, three other skiers and their instructor, practically personal lessons!

    If you are going skiing on your own trip this winter, be sure you are aware of the requirements where you are going.  One example is Pitkin County, Colorado (where Aspen and Snowmass are) which started, on December 17th, requiring visitors to have been tested for COVID-19, with a negative result, 72 hours or less before their arrival. The new rule applies to people who don’t live in Pitkin, are 10 years of age and older, and who plan to stay at least one night.  People who arrive without proof of a negative test result will be directed to a local testing center and asked to quarantine until they receive the result.  Visitors are asked to carry with them a paper copy of their negative test result or have a link available to present.  Failure to comply can result in a fine of up to $5,000.  Another example is the California side of Lake Tahoe, specifically Placer, El Dorado and Nevada counties, which have banned travel to their counties from both out of state visitors and California residents until at least January 1st.

    On Thursday afternoon December 17th, several of our members volunteered at the Food Bank.  For many years we have made monetary donations to them, but this is the first time, that I’m aware of, that we, as a club, gave of our time.  We packed A LOT of food boxes.  I’m sure we will look at doing similar volunteer work like this in the future.  Thanks to Lulu Copeland for organizing this.

    I hope you completed the trip survey that our Trip Coordinator, Scott Kramer, put together.  We haven’t done one of these in a while, but the Board does want your input and we try to offer trips that our members want.  

    Please join me in welcoming our new members: Karen Hall, Pamela Watson-Walker and Mark Gipson.

    At the December Board meeting, we regrettably cancelled the January membership meeting.  Now that vaccines are starting to be distributed, perhaps we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we will be able to re-start our membership meetings in the not-too-distant future.

    Stay safe everyone,

  • 2 Dec 2020 8:33 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    We had pretty good attendance at our October club meeting and fair attendance at the November meeting, both outside at the Flat Duck Event Venue.  However, the Board felt that with the low turnout in November and expecting cooler weather in December, that it would be best to cancel the December meeting.  We had already decided that the Christmas party (with food, drink, and close quarters) would not be prudent this year.  (I’m going to really miss this event, but am looking forward to seeing everyone as soon as possible.)  The board will be meeting again the first week of December and the January meeting will be one topic of discussion.

    Chattanooga Ski Club’s first (and hopefully last) trip casualty of the 2020-2021 ski season has occurred.  We had several members scheduled to go on Crescent Ski Council’s Steamboat trip (December 5-12).  Unfortunately, that trip has been cancelled.   They had planned on staying in condos, as we frequently do, but the property owners are not allowed to place guests from more than 1 household in a shared unit. Doing so would break Colorado’s public health order to limit social engagement to those within your immediate household.  While this cancellation is certainly disappointing, if you look for a silver lining, then maybe it is best as Steamboat hasn’t opened yet this year due to a lack of snow.

    As of now, our Taos and Mt. Bachelor trips are still proceeding as planned.  One thing we are watching is New Mexico’s state-mandated COVID-19 lockdown orders that shut down all ski resorts in the state through Nov. 30.

    If you are planning a ski trip of your own, be sure to stay up on the rules where you are going.  This is from  “Summit County, home to Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Keystone, and Silverthorne ski resorts, has issued regulations regarding short term lodging that visitors would do well to be aware of. Under the new rules, "No more than 10 individuals indoors and/or outdoors from no more than 2 households at short term lodging operations." In other words, those booking lodging within Summit County will only be able to stay with members from one other household, and with up to 10 people total. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to $5,000 or 18 months in jail. Additional restrictions include the mandatory use of masks, a 9:30 PM curfew on bars and businesses, and a ban on social gatherings from 10 PM - 5 AM.”

    The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) reports that an advisory group of ski industry leaders from across the country (including Vail Resorts Inc., Alterra Mountain Co., National Ski Patrol, US Ski and Snowboard, and many more) established the Ski Well, Be Well foundational best practices, according to scientific guidelines put forth by infectious disease experts, including the CDC and WHO. Ski areas will comply with additional federal, state and local regulations as they are implemented.  You can see their best practices on (be sure to click on the “Read the Document” button.

    At the November board meeting a couple of changes were made.  First, Jim Mullenix is moving to the Programs chairman.  For several years Jim has put in a lot of hours as Trip Coordinator planning our wonderful Western and European trips.  If you have been on any trips in recent years, you know how much fun they are and we all owe Jim more than we can repay for providing us with great trips.  Taking over as Trip Coordinator is Scott Kramer.  I’m sure Scott will continue to provide us with great trips.  Be looking for a survey from Scott about where you’d like to ski in the future and what features you are looking for in a trip.
    Stay safe everyone,

  • 29 Oct 2020 3:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The weather is starting to get cooler and that means ski season is right around the corner.  Concerning our ski trips: Crescent Ski Council’s Steamboat Colorado Race and Ski Camp is still taking reservations: (  Our Mt. Bachelor trip ( has filled all slots, but we may be able to get some additional airline seats/hotel rooms if you act quickly. See Kevin Cleek (423-400-5500 or at for information.  Our Taos trip is full.  We are still looking into a ski trip to Chile in August of 2021 and will have limited information at the general meeting on November 3.

    At the October meeting, we held the election for our club’s officers for the 2020-2021 year.  I want to thank Jim Bates for conducting the election and preventing any foreign interference.  The results are:

    • ·       Bob Tramel, President
    • ·       Lulu Copeland, Vice-President
    • ·       Tom DuBose, Treasurer
    • ·       Hilda Jones, Secretary

    On Friday, October 16th several members of the club hiked up to and spent the night at the Len Foote Hike Inn ( a Georgia State Park facility just above Amnicalola Falls State Park.  It was a beautiful weekend, with cool temperatures and the trees changing colors.  As usual, Barb Wise did an excellent job organizing this event as she does with several “special events” during the year.  The next time you see Barb, be sure to tell her thanks for all the work she does making these outings happen.

    This past week the Crescent Ski Council (which is made up of 19 ski clubs in the southeast including the Chattanooga Ski Club) announced that as of now, the Spring 2021 Convention is going to be held on April 22-25 at Myrtle Beach.  If you are thinking about going, be sure to mark your calendar.  More information will be given in the next few months as we get it.

    On Tuesday, October 6th we finally had our first club meeting in several months.  It wasn’t a huge crowd (which is probably good for these COVID times) but it was a quality crowd.  The outdoor setting at Hilda and Willis’ Flat Duck Farm worked well as everyone could spread out as much as they liked.  Several people brought food to enjoy before the meeting started.  It was good to see friends that I’ve missed, at least part of their faces!  Since it went well, we are planning to do the same thing for November’s meeting: Flat Duck Farm (7742 Three Notch Rd., Ringgold, GA 30736), 6:30 social, 7pm meeting, bring you own food/drink if you wish.  I hope to see you at the meeting November 3rd.

    Stay safe everyone,


  • 23 Oct 2020 9:52 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Secrets Revealed About CSC Members on Len Foote Hike!

    “Walking/ hiking is such a simple way to travel. It’s probably the slowest possible way to go through a place, and that means that you see it in a much deeper way.”

    “There is something profoundly rewarding about getting somewhere beautiful of your own accord and stumbling on an experience like this. When I hike, I have to physically earn the views and the experience. Knowing that I’ve accomplished something physical maybe I didn’t think I could do, or that I’ve overcome some kind of fear while on a hike, is a powerful feeling. It’s actually a bit addicting. I always do my best thinking while I’m hiking.”

    These are just two quotes I found on hiking. The Len Foote Hike Inn trip is one that the CSC does every year. Young or old, stay in shape for this hike by taking short hikes over the months before the actual trip. This hike is five miles in and five miles out with an overnight rest before you begin the descent down the mountain. You will be rewarded with fabulous views, good food, sparse rooms, and the best fellowship you can find.

    This year, due to COVID-19, the game room (usually stacked with over 200 games) was totally bare. So I brought some games in my already overstuffed backpack.  One of the games we played was for each member to tell something about themselves that no one else would know and the rest of us would try to guess who had written the secret.  It was so much fun with Paula Guffey becoming a perfect MC and stand up comedian to read the secrets.

    What secrets were revealed?  We have members in our club that have done the following:

    1. Ridden on the Olympic luge course.

    2. Worked as a river guide on the Ocoee River.

    3. Holds every record from 100 meters to the mile in their high school to this day.

    4. Played hockey in high school.

    5. Had a 1963 Corvair as their first car.

    6. Was a majorette in high school.

    7. Was bitten by a stray cat in the middle of a lake.

    8. Can play the accordion.

    9. Was attacked by pit bulls twice in the last two years.

    10. Dove for black pearls in the Cook Islands.

    11. Was an aviator in the Army.

    12. Painted a dairy barn twice.

    Of course, who did all these interesting things will remain a secret because, as always, you should have been there!

    So, go with us next time,


    P.S.  Thanks to Penny and Scott Kramer for bringing a card game called “Screw Your Neighbor!" So much fun!