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The Chattanooga Ski Club was started in the early 1970’s by local businessmen looking for a way to get low-cost trips to ski in the western US. They hooked up with several clubs in the Southeast to get on a charter track with Piedmont Airlines. The plane would fly one group out and pick up a returning group,  with all the clubs splitting the cost of deadhead miles. Some trips would have more than 100 people participate.  This worked well until the mid 1980s, when the charter business was de-regulated and became unreliable. Since then CSC has continued to sponsor trips for members to various ski destinations around the world, including the western US, Europe, Canada and even New Zealand. As the original club members have aged and many non-skiers have joined the club, trips have been modified to include sight seeing and other non-ski activities.

The club has been a member of the Crescent Ski Council since 1984, allowing our members to participate in “local” Slalom and Giant Slalom ski races against members from about 18 other southeastern US clubs. We’ve brought home several trophies over the years.  The club supports many organizations in the community:  Area IV Special Olympics, Children’s Hospital, and the Food Bank for example. Members often volunteer at some of the local athletic events such as the Ironman, Chickamauga Marathon, and Riverfront Triathlon. We also have several local social events like hiking, mountain biking, a lake party, dance classes, or whatever someone may suggest to have some fun.

Most of the CSC members live in the Chattanooga area; but our roster includes people from all over; there have even been a few from outside the US.  Come to one of our meetings and see what we are up to now.  Click on the Events tab for the date, time & location of the next meeting.


If you would like to see how the ski club is governed and how decisions are made that affect our club, come to the next board meeting. The board is composed of members who serve other members.

If you would like to serve on a committee, then please let us know which board you would like to serve. All help is appreciated.

For the date, time and location of our next board meeting, please click on the Events tab.


Membership dues are $30 per single and $45 per family.  Membership renewals are due annually on your renewal date.