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August President's Letter

25 Jul 2023 8:11 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


Yes, we are in the blazes of summer, but hopefully everyone is still buzzing about the recent Lake Party at Mike and Beth Rawlston’s home in beautiful Soddy Daisy.

The weather was good, (only a few showers) the food was excellent, and it was a great time for everyone to get together. Already looking forward to next year. Hilda Jones and Jinksie Harris did a wonderful job with many others, and all who helped with the party will get free passes to heaven when it comes their time, for setting up and tearing down for the party. Bill Hooton did a great job with music but some of his songs made me think that he might wish to go the other direction. More power to you, Bill.

Remember, we have the club trip down the Hiwassee River August 12, and the VIP night at the Lookouts Stadium Friday, August 25. Speak with Barbara Wise about the floating and Bob Trammel about the game. Both will be good times.


As I said earlier, and we all know, this has been a very hot and intense summer. If you do anything outside, it is just so hot it wears you out in no time flat.

Then comes the $64,000 question: “How am I going to make it through this heat.”

Well, here is something that I tried and maybe it will work for you.

After mowing the yard and wishing that all grass in my yard would die a very horrible death before the next week, I get a cold drink, close my eyes and I think about Telluride, Colorado. We went there with the club this past winter.

It was cold, but not that cold, and it was the first time that I had been skiing in three years due to COVID. Some things have changed but almost everything was the same.

It was so enjoyable, skiing with friends and feeling the cold air rush by our faces down the snow-covered hills. Even when I fell and could not stop sliding down steep terrain, it was just a blast knowing people, that I will never see again, would be looking at me with total disgust as I bumbled and fumbled down the slope waving at them going by.

Then, I remember skiing one morning with Tom DuBose and doing it in the bowls and blacks and stopping before lunch for coffee and beer at Gorrono’s looking at the most majestic mountains of Telluride that are etched on a Coors beer. Seeing that makes living the rest of the year enjoyable regardless of what may happen. I had forgotten skiing is not only a sport but also a wonderful drug that gives the most amazing highs. Highs you never forget and will not get you thrown in jail.

Writing this it is just about 90 degrees and I plan on mowing the yard again. I plan on thinking about Telluride the entire time while mowing and how great the next ski season will be. I might even put on a small jacket in the heat for a little while, just in case.

See if this works for you.

Dress warmly and see you at the next meeting,