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January President's Letter

30 Dec 2023 12:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Hey There, Hi There, Ho There!

Fresh powder, crisp air, and endless runs - Winter Wonderland awaits!

Happy New Year, Chattanooga Ski Club family! As the snowflakes flurry and excitement builds, we're thrilled to kick off 2024 with our January newsletter, packed with news, upcoming events, and plenty of ski strokes.


  • Gnarly Get-Together: Join us for our annual monthly meeting January 2nd 2024. Gear up for the season, meet everybody before and after the meeting and enjoy everyone!

Here's the game plan for getting in shape for the ski season:

  • Cardio Champs: Dust off your running shoes, hit the trails, or crank up the tunes for some indoor spinning. Building endurance is key to conquering those powder-hungry legs.
  • Core Crusaders: Squats, lunges, planks – they're not just for the gym! A strong core keeps you balanced and stable on your skis, tackling moguls and steeps with confidence.
  • Stretching Saviors: Don't underestimate the power of a good stretch! Keeping your muscles limber prevents injuries and lets you move with effortless grace on the slopes.

Buddy Up: Grab your fellow powderhounds and head for group workout sessions! Misery loves company, but motivation thrives on camaraderie. Remember:

  • Start slow and steady: Don't jump into intense routines without warming up. Listen to your body and avoid overtraining.
  • Find your fun: Mix it up! Hiking, biking, swimming – any activity that gets your heart pumping is a win.
  • Fuel your engine: Eat healthy and stay hydrated. Your body needs the right fuel to build strength and resilience.
  • Make it a lifestyle: Pre-season prep isn't just about a few weeks in December. Think of it as an ongoing commitment to keeping your body happy and ready for action.

Let's turn pre-season training into a blast! Organize group workouts, share your favorite healthy recipes, and challenge each other to keep the momentum going. As the snow starts to fall, we'll be a fit, focused, and stoked squad ready to unleash our inner shredders!

See you on the slopes,