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    Well, the ski season is almost over, and by the time anyone reads this column, some members, myself and Pat included, will be looking for junk cars, rebel flags, and Wet Willie CDs in all the nooks and crannies that Norway, Sweden, and Denmark care to offer.

    This has been a great season for the ski club so far, and I want to thank all the members for supporting the trips and making everything happen this past ski season.


    At the next club meeting in April, we will be having club officer elections for the upcoming year. Please try and attend and cast a ballot for the new officers. We will have other members appointed to board positions that will set our policy for the upcoming year.  Please let me know if you may be interested in serving on the ski club board. Other than Christmas, this is one meeting that you as a member should try to attend.

    Remember, …  “if you do not vote, you can still cuss like a sailor!”


    Please, look at the new web site and notice we have already begun booking the ski trips for next year. Things are changing with how we book trips, and we have to book sooner rather than later to insure we get the lowest air fare possible. The trips are as following:

    • Steamboat Springs, Colo.         December 2017 through Crescent Ski Club
    • Snowmass Colo.                       January 2018 - Bob Trammel, TL
    • Big Ski, Montana                      February 2018 - Roy Brunner, TL 
    • Japan                                         March 2018 - Pat Ownby, TL     

    We should have all the details of the Japan trip at the next meeting which will be a new type of adventure for the club. Japanese mountains get a very large amount of snow yearly, and this is something we are very excited about.


    This will probably be a little boring, but I wanted to tell everyone about a personal experience that has been on my mind nonstop recently. When you use “I” and “me” throughout something, it gets a little flat and really no one wants to hear personal stuff. But, if you think this post is a real snorer, read last month’s President’s Column again, or imagine in an unreasonable way about how great next month’s President’s Column will hopefully will be.

    Alright, here we go……

    In 1997, Pat and I were looking for a new sensation. We had been skiing with friends, I blew my knee out, and we were wanting to get started back skiing,  but doing it differently than when we started in the early 90’s. We definitely wanted to go someplace other than Winter Park, Colorado where we had been too many times. We were on the hunt for something new.

    If my memory is correct, we attended an event at the Chattanooga Convention Center in October of that year which showcased winter events in the area with various retailers, hotels, and lodges having booths and giving out information.  It was a Saturday, and Pat and I decided make an afternoon of it. To our surprise, a booth was set up for the Chattanooga Ski Club. We had no idea there was such a thing as a ski club in the city.

    The person working the ski club booth was Dan Paul. He did not know it, and we did not know it, but meeting him that afternoon and, to a certain degree in many years to come, he changed both of our lives and opened up a path to gaining many new friends  and having experiences from all over the world.

    Now, getting back to Dan Paul, he introduced himself and I can safely say he had the most southern of southern accents I had ever heard.  He looked to me to be a skier about as much as Donald Trump was a manager of a South Georgia trailer park.  He did not have dashing looks or blond hair put back in a pony-tail that would remind you of a hard core snow skier. No, he was plain old Dan, kind of bald, and he did not appear to have any trouble being nice to us through all the  stupid questions we asked him.

    At that time, Dan was in his mid 60’s, retired from TVA as an engineer, unassuming, and he was very quick to start a conversation. He gave us information for a trip he was leading with the club to Sun Valley, Idaho early in the year.  At that time, we were looking to go to Banff, and going somewhere else out west with the Atlanta Ski Club.  We talked, got the info, and told Dan we would get in touch.

    Funny thing happened. We did not get back in touch with Dan. He got in touch with us.  The next week Dan started calling the house encouraging us once again to go on his trip.

    Always so nice, and not pushy, he kept telling us he really, really wanted us to go skiing with the club.  He then began sending us post cards telling us about the trip to Idaho with a kind note, still encouraging us, and hopeful we would go skiing with him and the club.

    Later on, still about once a week, he would leave a message saying how we really needed to go on his trip and just go ahead and make the commitment now.  He was not trolling us or harassing us in the least. One time, I remember feeling kind of sorry for him because I thought he kept contacting us because he was probably hurting to get people to go on his trip. People in Chattanooga do not ski!!!!!!!

    Dan Paul was never married, had no children, and had been a member and leader with the ski club for years. He and Harry Brundage, another older member, would always room together, would take time on trips and teach newcomers with the club on the first day how to ski. He had limited family, and I understand he spent much of his time involved with ski club folk and ski club activities.

    Well, the long and the short of the story was, we did go to Idaho with the club and had a ball.  Dan had more than enough people going on the trip because it was full of Chattanooga Ski Club bums.  John Rollins, Charlie Peak and Willis Jones were on the trip and we got to meet them and they are still friends with us today.  

    Now, as for me and Pat, the rest is history with the club.

    With Dan, he only took maybe one other ski trip. I guess everyone in the club knew, except us, that he had dealt with severe heart disease for some time. In the early 2000’s, he had serious heart surgery that was somewhat successful, but unfortunately he passed away shortly afterwards from a stroke. 

    His brother came from New Jersey to care for him at the hospital prior to his death. While Dan’s brother went to the cafeteria to get a bite, he passed away quietly while members of the ski club were visiting him in his hospital room.

    It was right and proper that ski club members were with him at his passing.

    I have never understood why Dan continued to contact us time and time again to go on the Idaho trip. I am sure he did not know twenty years later it would be such a large part of our lives. I never had a long conversation with Dan, and only saw him two or three other times from a distance after the Sun Valley trip.  I think about him almost every time I go on a ski club trip or I am at a ski club function. He did not have to go as far as he did getting Pat and me to join the club but he did.

    Looking back, maybe Dan understood and knew years ago, the day-to-day grind of living can be relatively easy, but sometimes enjoying life and grabbing its pleasures can be so difficult or almost impossible to do at times.

    Maybe Dan thought if he got just one new person to go on a trip with the club, they just might enjoy the ski club. And if they enjoyed the ski club, maybe they might even take a leadership position and write stupid babblings for everyone to read monthly.   And, if that ever happened, then it just might be worth the telephone calls, post cards, hassles, and sitting at a lonely booth on a fall afternoon while living to a certain degree on borrowed time. “Yeah,” I bet he said, “get someone else to enjoy the club just as much as I do; that’s not too much of a stretch (you have got to be kidding me!!!!!).”

    I would bet ten dollars, we were the only people Dan met that afternoon at the Convention Center who would later join the club, and definitely the only ones that went on his trip. Pat and I made a smart decision way back then, and we did not have the slightest idea what we were doing.

    God bless you Dan Paul for giving me and Pat a great time in Idaho, and also letting both of us in on the special magic that goes on with the ski club and the friends we have enjoyed for almost twenty years.  You can do good works and live a decent life, but to help people have a more complete, a more full, and a more fun existence requires a “Go Straight to Heaven” card for the high rent condo side of the pearly gates.

    You are missed Dan Paul, and not forgotten.


    “Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”  Shannon L. Alder

    See you at the next meeting!

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    At the January Board meeting, a tentative slate of candidates was offered for the upcoming year.  They are as follows:

    • Ashley Ownby - President
    • Mike Hood - Vice President
    • Tom DuBose - Treasurer
    • Hilda Jones - Secretary
    Jim Bates was named as Nominating Committee Chair for elections scheduled for the April membership meeting. If you are interested in running for one of these offices, please contact Jim Bates at: (706) 965-6331 or Election of officers will be held on April 4, 2017 at the Enclave.

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    The Premier Exhibition Center at Atlantic Station

    Saturday May 13, 2017

    For those of you that would like to see this Excellent Exhibit we will be meeting at 9:30am (meeting place TBA), carpool to Atlanta, have lunch, tour the museum and go home early.  The cost is very reasonable.  Adult at the door $24, online $22, Senior at the door $22, online $20. 

    If we have enough interest I will contact the Center for the  “Group” Price.  At this time we have 14 that showed interest at the February meeting.  From what I can determine from the website a “Group” is 20 or more. 

    Thanks to Bobbi Witt for suggesting this event.

    If you would like to join us please contact:

    Barb Wise

    Special Trip Coordinator


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    Hello Everyone,

    Well, here we are half way through the ski season and this period flies faster than time.

    Other than the ski trips, it feels a little boring back at the “Ponderosa,” Chattanooga Ski Club Central. Maybe that is how it is supposed to be with everything really getting started when all the snow trips are over.  We all should be getting excited about big year for the club with future events and weekend travel.

    Make sure, if you lead a trip that you write about it for the newsletter.  I believe that there is a special place in heaven for folks that tell good stories to others.  Write it down, send it to Susan DuBose, and she will pass it on to everyone.  Remember, stories are love, and like Lady Godiva said, "I like to give my love to anyone with sweet smelling breath and chocolate drops."

    Chanson de club 

    As everyone knows, we are blessed at the Chattanooga Ski Club with a history, non-profit status, a logo, and monthly meetings. But still, somehow recently, I felt that we were missing something with the club that would really add to the experience.

    I could not put my finger on it, but, just felt we were missing something other than the almost fifty years of stories, travel all over the world, and precious memories of club members having too much gas in closed quarters overseas.

    It took a little introspection, only three appointments of intense psychotherapy, and sitting in sack cloth and ash for three days to finally reach and answer - WE NEED A SKI CLUB SONG!!!!!!!

    Yes, I do mean a Chattanooga Ski Club (CSC) song. A song that we can start monthly meetings with, sing on the bus rides to Atlanta or Nashville, and whenever we are drinking in a bar at a ski resort we can sing it and people will know immediately we are from Tennessee like everyone knows someone is from Australia when they sing “Waltzing Matilda.”

    It cannot be a country song. Every club and university in this area has a country song associated with them like “Rocky Top.” Need I say more?

    That is why we need a rap song. Yes, a good rap song. And yes, I know, rap music is kind of generational and myself along with others do not understand what is the big deal with its popularity across the board. However, everybody knows Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing” and Aerosmith’s  “Walk this Way.” There has to be something out there that even we could pirate, enjoy, and call our own.

    Therefore I intend at the next monthly meeting to have a vote from all members present to have the following pirated, copied, and woefully composed rap song be designated as our official ski club song and I think this will really finally put us where we want to be as an organization.

    I am sure you remember COOLIO’S “GANSTAS PARADISE,” from a few years back. It had a nice beat and when reading the verses below to the new club rap song, please put the music  “GANSTAS PARADISE,” to our own” SKIERS PARADISE,” and see what you think. 

    Alright here we go:


    (Done to the tune of COOLIO’S “GANGSTAS PARADISE”)

    As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

    I wake from my dream, oh my god I am late

    My skis are packed, I know have gotta be gone

    Cause the bus at the church will not wait for me long

    Goin from Tennessee to Colorado and I deserve it,

    So I can ski like a John Claude Killy pervert

    It’s three in the morning, I am having trouble driving

    If I don’t run in the ditch I will be cookin

    Just thinking of snow and all of the mountains,

    Me going fast and legal marijuana smokin

    I just the type of person all skiers want to be

    No cartilage at all and worn tendons in both knees


    Been dreaming most our lives wanting just a skier’s paradise

    Been dreaming most our lives wanting just a skier’s paradise

    Keep dreaming most our live wanting just a skier’s paradise

    Keep dreaming most our lives wanting just a skier’s paradise


    I look at the situation that I am facing

    I am getting too old to go out and do ski racing

    I can’t live w/NASCAR , 4 wheeling or fishing

    But I gotta still be down with the monthly ski club meetings

    Skied in Germany, Austria, Italy and France

    I skied so hard in Switzerland I pooped in my pants

    I’m southern fool w/ more money than good sense

    Chasing my dreams in snow blizzard all in the present tense

    I know on the ski slopes death is just so near,

    But when I run into moguls fields I still  really can taste fear

    I am 60 today will I see 61

    If I don’t get out of this mogul field I just don’t know


    Tell me why can’t we just always f..king ski

    And why when we fall, we only hurt our knees


    Been dreaming most our lives wanting just a skier’s paradise

    Been dreaming most our lives wanting just a skier’s paradise

     Keep dreaming most our lives wanting just a skier’s paradise

    Keep dreaming most our lives wanting just a skier’s paradise


    Powder and Ice, Ice and Powder

    I skied them both, to me it does not matter,

    You may think you can ski fast and ski so well

    I used to think that then I skied right off a big hill

    I know I got to turn better get someone to teach me

    I’m tired of skiing off cliffs, someday they won’t reach me

    I know at best I can do is only blue groomers

    But I am happy to say I am a Chattanooga Ski Club member


    Tell me why can’t we just always f..king ski

    And why when we fall, we only hurt our knees


    See you at the next meeting!

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    The Chattanooga Ski Club Vail 2017 trip commenced on January 14, 2017. The lift tickets were good for Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and Arapaho Basin for a total of over 14650 acres and 651 trails. No way to take advantage of all this in a week. May want to consider a two-week trip with this much to offer. Most folks would ski Vail alone however, some went to Beaver Creek for a day.

    The conditions at Vail/ Beaver Creek were outstanding. Within a week and half of our arrival they received around 48” of fresh powder. This set us up for an outstanding week of skiing. Our first day we woke up to about an inch with an additional two inches on day two. Did not add a lot to the base but made for some nice ski conditions. The high temperatures remained in the mid 30’s to lower 40’s for the first two days. The balance of the week the high temperatures remained in the low to mid 30’s. The snow base was maintained throughout the week. We had three blue bird days in a row mid-week. I see now why they call it “Blue Sky Basin”. If you go, be sure to check out Cloud 9, Grand Review and The Star but my all-time favorite was Big Rock Park run. This was a glade run with patches of trees that made for what would seem like endless runs down the mountain. Needless to say, the conditions were exceptional. The last day we got 3” overnight with an additional 2” snow during the day for a total of 8” all week. The last day Rich Wilson and I dropped into China Bowl with it snowing and near white out conditions. Had to “feel” our way down the mountain. We felt like the back bowls and Blue Sky would have to wait for another day under those conditions.

    This year we stayed at Vail Spa Condos. The accommodations were exceptional, conveniently located in the Lionshead section of Vail with a short five min walk to the Eagle Bahn Gondola or the Born Free Express Quad lift. The condo has hot tubs, indoor/ outdoor pools, sauna, and massage rooms. I took full advantage of the outdoor hot tub. Great way to cap off a full day of skiing with an adult beverage and friends. They also include a conference room which we used for our Tuesday night get together.

    Some folks rented their gear from Charter Sports. We received 35% discount. They are knowledgeable and conducted business in a professional way. Even the folks who had their own skis/boots could store there gear overnight.

    About two months prior to the trip I read in the paper where Moes Original BBQ from Vail Co was coming to town here in Chattanooga. Thinking this would be a great opportunity to reach out and get an advanced taste test on the new restaurant and perhaps a good deal. On Tuesday the 19th Moes Original BBQ catered pulled pork, smoked turkey, mac and cheese, baked beans, slaw, corn bread and desert. I got some real complements on the food. Moes will be opening up the week of February 27th and will be located at 221 Market Street. Ask for Laura Ryan and tell her you are with the Chattanooga Ski Club.

    While most folks skied some decided to discover Vail, Minturn Co. (who knew – oh Faith), The 10th mountain museum or even go snow shoeing. From what hear Dave Flower is quite the ladies man and lead his “harem” on a snow shoe adventure. Go Dave!! I did not realize but the 10th mountain division trained near Vail during WWII. Our dough boys trained for mountain combat. Mullenix took a group to the 10th mountain restaurant near Mid Vail where they enjoyed culinary delights such as soda crackers and grits while perched upon a snow stump. J/K Apparently, they had a five-course meal at ski resort prices. Mid-week Jerry Hicks and I spent the day at Beaver Creek. We ate at the Ritz-Carrolton in Bachelors Gulch. Think $15 is pricy for a burger? Try $25. Well I settled for a loaded spud with bison chili which was actually very good and filling.

    Overall this was a great trip. The weather cooperated, Vail Spa is an exceptional destination resort, Vail mountain and Beaver Creek has a challenge for most any skier skill level but most of all, the folks we went with were a lot of fun to be around – just a great group of people!

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    Twelve people drove to Gatlinburg for our novice and tune up ski trip.  The snow started about 6 p.m. after we were all there.  We had wine and cheese and snacks.  We went to our cabins and chalets a couple of hours later with a inch of snow.  By morning there was 3-6 inches on the mountaintop where we were staying.  Larry's rental units were first class in all ways.

    Larry could not get out of his driveway the next day but all others got to the slopes. We had new snow but snowmaking was also in progress.  Children and adults had lessons or free skied.   We met for a party after skiing at a mountain top chalet with beautiful views. On the drive up, we saw many of the burned buildings along the way, but most of the area is untouched and open for business.

    We returned to Ober Gatlinburg on Sunday for another half day on skis and lessons for the novices.  A beautiful setting with the new snow and an even better trip for three novices who all loved their lessons and skiing.  Thank you, Larry, for everything you furnished and your hospitality.

    This trip was great for new and experienced skiers. Shall we start a new tradition? --from John Neblett, trip leader

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    Remember, folks, the Spring Conference at Myrtle Beach, SC is just around the corner: Friday, April 28 to Sunday, April 30, 2017. Those who are planning to go need to give Bobbi Witt their payment at the next meeting. Please make checks payable to the Chattanooga Ski Club. The total amount due is $158.00 per person. This includes two nights at the Brighton Towers and the parties on Friday and Saturday nights, hosted by Crescent.

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    Bobbi Witt will be at the next meeting selling 16 oz limited edition glass mugs as well as t-shirts - both have the club logo on them. Mugs are $10 each and tees are $15 each. Don't miss this rare opportunity.

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    Hello Everyone,

    If you have been out and about the past several weeks, you know that it is colder and with the briskness we feel, everyone with the Club should know this is our time of year.  Yes, yes, this is our time! We need to enjoy it wholly and completely because after a long year, we need all the refreshment we can get from a cold and hearty “slap in the face.”  Make sure you get outside and thank the gods for any kind of chilly weather that you may have and the pleasure of having contact with it this winter.  Especially at night!


     I want to offer a sincere thanks to all of the members and guests who attended and put together the Christmas Party December 1st.  It really was the Hamilton County social event of the year.  The Car Barn is a neat facility, and it was just a great time. I think I was hugging or being hugged all night long.  To a certain degree, because I saw so many people at the Christmas Party, I kind of felt that I fit in and was wanted (fat chance). Hopefully everybody else felt the same. We had upwards of approximately 140 to 145 people attended and it was, once again, just a real special time.  I think it was the perfect way for all of us to start out the Christmas party season right. 


    Ski trips are starting and Vail is on the way. Do not forget we have two weekenders for Gatlinburg that are great deals that come up in January. Contact John Neblett or John Hildebrand about the details. 


    With it getting cooler and it just being such a wonderful time of the year, I think we need to look into how the Rolling Stones, cold winters, and skiing all are so closely connected. So anyone does not get a brain lock, I will be more than happy to say there is no connection whatsoever between the greatest rock and roll band in the world and our ski club or any ski club and winter. But you must admit, they are always fun to talk about.

    I would like to point out two things the Rolling Stones did as good or maybe better than other entertainment group in the entire college of our existence and knowledge has ever done and that is the following:  being open and changing constantly.

    Regarding openness, if you ever see a photograph of Mick Jagger, along with always jumping and moving, you must notice his hands are placed firmly on his rear-end totally exposing everything he has to the crowd.  He has an exaggerated open posture toward the crowd that is purposely done to get everyone to see everything they possibly can about him while on the stage.  He wants to supplement his singing, his actions, and words to songs through his posture. He wants to convey a certain feeling and a mind set to others they will in all probability never experience.  Jagger is a god in conveying his own life experiences to others.

    Regarding change, The Stones have been a blues band, 60’s psychedelic drug induced coma five piece (the drug stuff lasted for decades), social change icons, country funk and rock and roll idols, semi punk rockers, and, I think lastly, semi- new wavers in the 80’s. They have been living off their spoils since 1985, I think, while moving on through drug comas, drug deaths, drug arrests, infighting, hatred between everyone, knockdown drag outs, extraordinary nasty talk, and several changes of all parts of the band and management they continue to morph into something each year we have never seen previously seen or ever thought could occur with a bunch of old doper drink guys.

    Now, I know you are saying will you please get us to the ski club stuff?   Okay, here goes.

    To go skiing, as we have done through the years, means we have a particular lifestyle that we adhere to that includes, festivities, travel, and to say the least physical self-improvement (we have to be in some sort of shape to play on the mountains whether we want to or not.)

    We have an open-door policy regarding members and all we ask or want to express to new folks is they get along with everyone, whether they like everybody or not, and have a good time with us. We, through our open-door policy, hopefully convey a sense of community to anyone looking in on the outside of our club, and if you were at the Christmas Party at the Car Barn you know exactly where I am coming from. I bet when employees from the Car Barn saw everybody hugging each other, I wonder if they thought we in the club really did like each other that much, or did somebody put something in the Yuengling beer they were serving (I think Yuengling beer should be given to enemy combatants at Guantanamo and it will gum them up to not be dangerous.)  One of the secrets to our group is our ability to be open and enroll everyone interested. Of course, this is a personal opinion.

    With every group, organization, or individual, everybody changes. The ski club is nothing like I remember almost 20 years ago, and for anyone who has been around longer the club probably has more resemblance to a Shriners convention or a medical seminar than the old ski club from the 70’s and 80’s.  I think the fact we have changed and are willing to change is a trait we have in our pocket that will help us continually in the future.

    I feel that the past six months we have seen what our club can be in this upcoming year is nothing short of electric!!! With short trips to bike, hike, drink, paddle board, view art or attend any event interesting every month it is my hope we will continue to be there. It is further my hope and dream that we will be able to ski and have no limitations on how we interact or what we do to have a good time together with ourselves or others for 2017.  Hopefully, it is a time to look and see what we can do and push the limits, and not focus so much on what we have done in the past.

    I encourage everyone to accept the change and make sure that no hurtles are placed in front of any place we plan to explore. I guess in Star Trek, the Borg kept the Enterprise and its crew down from time in reaching it destination in space. But that, as we all know, was a TV show and you must have conflict like the Borg have decent drama.

    Let us all be careful about criticism to change regarding what the Club may do in the future.  Understand, everyone must state what they feel and I wholeheartedly encourage discussion about anything good or bad with the club activities. But please remember, even though someone may be totally correct in their comments and criticisms, they may say it in such a way that the boundaries of the unpardonable sin may be broken: someone may say something that hurts someone else’s feelings. 

    As Alex Haley said, “Find the good, and praise it.” 

    Let us get ready for a great year!!!


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  • 21 Dec 2016 10:53 AM | Deleted user

    Atlanta Botanical Gardens
    October 22-23, 2016
    Idea:  Pat Ownby

    Pat & Ashley Ownby Lose Faith at Chihuly Nights

    I have to admit that I had to Google Chihuly when Pat Ownby asked me to put together a trip to visit the Chihuly Exhibit at Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  It was a glorious fall day Saturday October 22nd, when 17 Chihulians invaded Atlanta.  (We had started with 21, however many of our fellow CSC members seem to be breaking a lot of bones lately.  Sandy Talbott broke her elbow, Susan DuBose broke her wrist. Be sure to send them both healing thoughts.)

    We gathered in the lobby of our hotel around 3:00, then carpooled or Ubered to Campagnoio Restaurant for an early evening meal.

    I had envisioned us all walking as group in the gardens looking at each exhibit - boy was I wrong!! There must have been one million people in the garden - ok, that’s an exaggeration - there were thousands of people all wandering around the beautiful, breathtaking glass sculptures.  Pictures do not do justice to Chihuly’s work.  

    We were never together as a group at the gardens - whoever we were in the car with upon arriving is who we toured the exhibits with. We never even saw any of our group during the tour.  

    Around 9:30 my phone rang it was Pat Ownby asking have you seen Faith?  We can’t find Faith; we don’t know where Faith is.  I was deeply troubled to hear that Pat and Ashley had lost their Faith.  I told her I would pray and hopefully they would find Faith and make a new commitment to do better in the future.

    We all gathered as a group back at the hotel courtyard to discuss, share stories and show each other our pictures.  I was overcome with emotion to see that Pat had found Faith.

    A gay time was had by all - just ask two of our lovely ladies to give you the hilarious details of a mistaken encounter to Felix Bar & Lounge - let’s just use the word:  Phallus.  Details are best obtained in person.

    Great Time, Great Group,
    Go with us next time,
    Barb Wise

    Pat Finding Faith