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Park City 2019 by John Neblett

20 Feb 2019 2:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We gathered 26 members at Woodland Park Baptist Church for the bus ride to the Atlanta airport, with another 10 who met us at the Salt Lake airport.  The transportation worked out well.  TSA was back at work so there were minimal lines through security.  Both bus rides were without any drama with most of us riding the bus from Salt Lake to Park City.  The party had begun We had a liquor and food stop at Park City before continuing to the Snowflower condos where porter services carried the bags up to our rooms.

The ground and secondary roads had a few inches of ice and snow from the 48 inches of snow that had fallen in the previous seven days.  The usual mantra for all ski resorts is: you should have been here last week or you should stay till next week.  Our week broke that scenario. We had 39 inches of snow during our stay with some windy and some sunny days.  We had great snow conditions with occasional low visibility but reasonable temperatures. Park City Resort is so large that the Canyons had perfect conditions while the main resort had low visibility and wind one day.  Deer Valley a couple of miles away had different conditions from the others. 

Some of the 2019 FIS Snowboard, Freestyle, and Freeski World Championship events were held at Park City and Deer Valley during our stay.  Several of us went to venues at both locations.  Watching the top athletes in the world compete was amazing. At 68, I’m giving up hope I’ll ever be among that elite group of athletes. 

Some joined Knoxville and Nashville for an event at Wasatch Brewing Company and for a Deer Valley dessert tasting.  We also had a group pizza dinner at the Snowflower condos.  We had six birthdays and the ski club’s 50th anniversary to celebrate.  The Boston cream pie and the carrot cake were the hits of the desserts.  No more "birthday cakes," please!

One unusual event occurred while skiing.  Several people skied down into a canyon, but the lifts closed due to wind while they were there.  Snowmobiles were used to transport them out.  One person was on the back of the snowmobile and three were towed by rope behind it.  There were loops on the rope that the poles were put through and then you held onto the poles.  No one fell or had any problems with the “rescue." I’m sure that was an adventure.

Foodies had a ball on this trip.  From yurts on the mountain at night, to the wonderful Deer Valley seafood buffet, to an Irish restaurant, they had it all.  Options abounded and waistlines expanded.  Wine and cheese on Friday night was also enjoyed.

We had several newbies on this trip.  They fit into the group and were welcomed by everyone.  This group of people melded together quickly, and had a great time with skiing, snowshoeing, shopping, eating, and visiting.  This was a great group I would go anywhere with. Old friends and new friends; we cannot wish for more. 

The trips home were all we could ask for.  There were no surprises or delays.  We were home before the bad weather arrived.  This was a trip to remember and savor for many seasons.

John Neblett