• 19 Aug 2018 12:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Two things that CSC members really like are SUPs and deviled eggs.  The 88 deviled eggs were brought by the Duboses, Bill Coolidge, and Mike and Beth Rawlston. The Rawlstons also made the trek to the event by boat, bravely and safely, despite being surrounded by sharks and huge boats causing tremendous waves! Despite these hazards, Beth was able to deliver her eggs in perfect condition.  As the eggs came to the food table CSC members were standing ready with fork in hand ready to stab one or two of the delicious little devils.  FYI, this same thing happened at the “Pond Party."  Deviled eggs were the first to go. If you want to make a hit with CSC members you might want to consider bringing deviled eggs to the next covered dish event. 

    The SUP/Kayak party was a huge success thanks to CSC member Jan Wyatt volunteering the club house in her beautiful subdivision on the water.  The property is lovely, and the club house is on a quiet slough which made for perfect conditions for SUP and kayak lessons for anyone that wanted to learn. Thank you to Zach Bopp, water sport coordinator for REI, for assisting us.

    A huge shout out to Jan Wyatt my partner in crime and collusion (I just wanted to use that word in a sentence; it’s in the news so much these days). 

    A huge shout out to Gloria Gass who came early to help Jan set up the room while I was picking up chicken and balloons. 

    A huge shout out to John Neblett for providing the ice, watermelon and music. 

    Finally, a huge shout out to Tom DuBose who keeps us all legal and takes care of the money matters. 

    The topping on the cake was the celebration of Ashley Ownby’s 60th birthday and birthday #?? for Jim Kapsho

    We had 43 CSC members and guests join us for a glorious, outstanding day!


  • 31 Jul 2018 2:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    What do you get when you cross a world renowned sculptor whose works are considered to possess outstanding artistic merit in the field of blown glass and the Biltmore House, a classy chateau-style mansion built by George Washington Vanderbilt between 1889 and 1895 which is the largest privately owned house in the United States? You get a magnificent boat load of blown glass that is inundated with light and color.


      “Pure delight, magical, a sense of wonder," are just some of the comments from CSC members to describe the artist Dale Chihuly’s sculptures, which shatters pre-conceived ideas that glass blowing is only for glass dogs, vases and bowls. Combine the Chihuly exhibit with the amazing Biltmore House, a stunning estate which is breathtaking on its own, not to mention the astonishing gardens, which are more amazing than the house itself. This past weekend, both the house and the gardens were chock full of Chihuly’s impressive glass art.

    CSC & Cape Fear, NC club combined to make the trek to Asheville. What do you get when you cross two ski clubs totaling thirty three Chihulians?  You get a tremendous weekend.

    Jeanne Scanland summed up the entire experience with the email below.

    Hi Barb, I really enjoy the weekend. Thank you again for getting everything coordinated for us. It was a wonderful weekend with perfect weather, fun fellowship and gorgeous artwork in the Gardens with the orange moon in the background along with the magnificent mansion! Could have not been a better weekend!! “

    A special thank you to Bobbi Witt, who found the Holiday Inn as a convenient and affordable (by Asheville standards) hotel and coordinated with the Cape Fear folks. Also thanks to Tom DuBose, who ”forced” (right!!) wife Susan to go a day early to enjoy Asheville and scout out the area for us. Tom, Susan, and Bobbi also picked up all the tickets at group sales and had them in individual envelopes at the hotel desk. This was such a help for everyone.

    These pictures by CSC member Deb Prater & Lyn Marvil sum up the perfect weekend.

    Come with us next time,


  • 25 Jul 2018 3:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    About 100 members signed up to come to the annual lake party this year, and despite severe storms the night before, the weather on the day of the party could not have been better.  Chris and Bobbi Witt did a terrific job with setting up the event and cooking the wonderful shrimp boil and grilled chicken. Kudos also to all the members who brought plenty of side dishes and desserts. There was so much tasty food that even after everyone loaded up their plates, we still had food to spare.  This group really knows how to throw a party!

    Mike Hood survived his whipped cream initiation rite as our new president, and managed to make his announcements despite cream impairment.

  • 25 Jul 2018 2:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Welcome new members and hello to all our members.   Did someone say, let's have a rainy July?  Let's hope July 21 is a dry one for our Lake Party.  A lot of exciting things are coming up for our club this month and next. I wish safe travels for all.  The only ski news I have heard of this month is the announcement of America's first indoor ski area and it is going to be in New Jersey.  Why not Tennessee?  Oh well, I will take those Rocky Mountains over New Jersey any day. Look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming meetings. 



  • 20 Jun 2018 1:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Welcome, new members, and hello to all our members.  Seems as if summer-like temperatures are here before the official start of summer. Let's hope the next few months will fly by so the cool fall air will be upon us.  At my desk Monday, I checked Big Sky Montana's high for the day -- 46 degrees.  I do not know about you, but I sure miss those fantastic mountains we have the privilege to travel to.  We have some great trips planned this year: Telluride, CO,  Park City, UT and Italy. All the trips are now on our website, so please check them out.

    One of the great things about July is our Lake Party coming up on July 21.  This is the second year we will be having this down on the farm in Georgia. Please RSVP if you have not already done so. 

    Every Friday, I look forward to getting Chairlift Chat from  If you have not seen this, you should check it out.  There is a lot going on in the ski industry, from a great article from the CEO of Vail,  to skiing in New Zealand,  and every Friday there is a new group of stories. 

    As always, I would like to thank everyone who helps make our club the best in the Crescent Ski Council!  See you at the Lake Party!

    Mike Hood

  • 20 Jun 2018 1:06 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Ski Club learned last month of the death of club member Jim Connor on April 9th. Jim was 76.

    Jim was a graduate of Tulane University and Tulane Law School. He is survived by his wife Charlotte, two children, five grandchildren, his brother, Dave and Dave's family. The memorial service was very well attended by family and his many friends, followed by a reception at the Conner home, which Charlotte and Jim named Old Rose Farm. They raised beautiful old roses. 

    Jim was a former CSC member and was on several club ski trips including France (The Three Valleys), Taos, Big Sky, and Steamboat. Dave said Jim spoke often of how much he enjoyed his trips with the club.

    Our condolences to Dave and Jim's family on their loss.

  • 1 Jun 2018 9:37 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Dude Ranch Trip finally rolled around May 18-20, with 28 brave souls making their way to Del Rio, TN. I really thought Mother Nature was going to throw us a curve; it rained all the way up on Friday and poured all Friday night!  Well, what can you do? BUT on Saturday, what a surprise with sunshine and breezes all day.....Sunday too!  The ranch is in a very quaint area and we could see the French Broad River from the porch. Due to all the previous rain, the river was out of it's banks, swift and muddy. However, after a LOT of training and caution, the riding was on. Due to the great weather, everyone was able to ride as much as they wanted, wander around or relax in the the rocking chairs on the porches with a drink. The food served family style was plentiful and good and the rooms were comfortable. The Saloon was very accommodating, serving our own libations. Did I hear a couple of people say they saw a snake? We did have kind of a "bluegrass" band Saturday night. Not sure where they came from.......but some people managed a dance or two!

    Thanks to all my peeps that took a chance on this trip, it seemed everyone had a good time, saw lots of smiles.

    Carolyn Crabtree

  • 25 May 2018 9:27 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Seems we all have been busy so far this spring.  Eighteen of our members had a great time in the Abingdon, Virginia area a couple of weeks ago.  The Creeper Trail was in full bloom, with colors of bright green and all the smells of spring, which made for a memorable ride. The weather threatened to dampen our ride but it held off until we finished it. We had some new members on the trip -- this seems to be one of the strengths of our club -- getting new members.  I would like to say a big thank you to the members who volunteer to lead any of our trips.  We have several more great trips coming up in the next few months, and I am looking forward to hearing about those in our monthly meetings. Our lake party is coming up in July, so please make plans to attend.  See you at the June meeting. 

    Thank you,

     "The best way to predict the future is to invent it " Abraham Lincoln
  • 25 May 2018 9:05 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    In March, 36 members of the Chattanooga Ski Club took off for a 12 day excursion to parts of Austria and Spain with hearts full of anticipation and the lingering smell of wine on our breaths from the flight across the pond.

    After leaving Munich by bus, we made contact with our trip director, Ina Gerlach of Alpine Adventures, and proceeded to the German town of Lindau for lunch.  Lindau is located near the meeting point of the Austrian, German, and Swiss borders and is nestled on the massive Lake Constance. While having the most delightful lunch, we caught a quick look at the quaint sleepy buildings and unique harbor entrance to the city, and found out many portions of the town were built somewhere in the 9th century.

    From Lindau, we went to Schruns, Austria. Schruns is a small and beautiful Austrian town and we unpacked our bags at the town’s five star hotel, The Lȍwen. Interestingly, the Libherr Crane Company, which is a thriving family business of crane manufacturing started in Germany and is known internationally, has a plant right in Schruns. Libherr always has company hotel next to the business, which in this case was The Lȍwen, fashioned in the most up to date European new wave chic. The cost of our room, without the club discount, would have been more than what two people would have paid for the entire trip. Add six course dinners every night; day trips to Innsbruck, St. Anton, Liechtenstein, and Alpenzell, Switzerland; and throw in a spa that was full of naked good looking men and you had the makings for a hot time in the old town for a week.

    Then on to Zurich and Spain, specifically Barcelona. Barcelona has a charm and a spirit that is more than can be expressed in words. Good wine, tapas for lunch and dinner by just walking down the street, and the Gaudi buildings, especially Sagrada Familia church that I will never forget.  I constantly had my mouth open for food or because of sheer awe of the city’s beauty.

    Then off to Madrid, the capital, and it is safe to say that it must be one of the cleanest cities in the world. Museums, more tapas, more wine, and it was back to the states with the smell not of wine but of a good time in Spain on our breaths.

    Special thanks to Pat Ownby, Ina Gerlach, and Jim Mullinax for making the trip such a success.

    Another Chattanooga Ski Club event that will be difficult to forget.

    Past President,
    Ashley Ownby

  • 13 May 2018 4:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    “Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.”

    "Bicycling is better for your body, mind, wallet and world. Bicyclists make better lovers! A bike ride a day keeps the doctor away!"

    The above quotes sum up the mantra for the Virginia Creeper Bike Ride May 2018 for 17 CSC members brave enough to trek to Abingdon, Virginia on Friday May 4h in spite of the 100% chance of the rain prediction for ride day, Saturday May 5th.

    We had all arrived Friday by 4:00 p.m., checked into our rooms, secured our spot on the bike shuttle for Saturday morning, and headed down to Wolf Hills Brewery for craft beer and a taco from the taco trailer that pulled up outside the brewery.  Despite the looming gray sky and a few drops of rain that begin to fall, we all were sure that the rain would hold off until after the ride on Saturday.

    After dinner Friday night, we made our way to the Barter Theatre. I had been very apprehensive about the play, “In the Heat of The Night," and to be perfectly truthful, I only purchased my ticket to ensure that we received the group rate. To my delight and surprise, we all enjoyed the performance.

    Saturday morning, it was thankfully not raining, and we gathered at the bike shop to board the 8:30 a.m. shuttle to the top of White Top Mountain.  After the traditional stop at Green Cove Station for the group picture, we had a little trouble with the rented bicycles, with one blown derailleur and two flat tires. Yes, it is worth the effort to bring your own bike!  Thankfully the rain did not begin until we reached the Ice Cream Shop. Most of us decided to board the shuttle back, and the rest rode the 20 more miles to Abingdon. 

    After the ride we gathered on the veranda for “Happy Hour." Much thanks to Larry Plemons for the margaritas, wonderful after a day on the trail.  Again the rain cooperated and held off until the exact time to leave for the Tavern Restaurant, so instead of walking, we carpooled the two blocks there. 

    All in all a GREAT TRIP!!!!

    Go with us next time, October 19-21, 2018,

    Barb Wise
    Special Trip Coordinator