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    Seems we all have been busy so far this spring.  Eighteen of our members had a great time in the Abingdon, Virginia area a couple of weeks ago.  The Creeper Trail was in full bloom, with colors of bright green and all the smells of spring, which made for a memorable ride. The weather threatened to dampen our ride but it held off until we finished it. We had some new members on the trip -- this seems to be one of the strengths of our club -- getting new members.  I would like to say a big thank you to the members who volunteer to lead any of our trips.  We have several more great trips coming up in the next few months, and I am looking forward to hearing about those in our monthly meetings. Our lake party is coming up in July, so please make plans to attend.  See you at the June meeting. 

    Thank you,

     "The best way to predict the future is to invent it " Abraham Lincoln
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    In March, 36 members of the Chattanooga Ski Club took off for a 12 day excursion to parts of Austria and Spain with hearts full of anticipation and the lingering smell of wine on our breaths from the flight across the pond.

    After leaving Munich by bus, we made contact with our trip director, Ina Gerlach of Alpine Adventures, and proceeded to the German town of Lindau for lunch.  Lindau is located near the meeting point of the Austrian, German, and Swiss borders and is nestled on the massive Lake Constance. While having the most delightful lunch, we caught a quick look at the quaint sleepy buildings and unique harbor entrance to the city, and found out many portions of the town were built somewhere in the 9th century.

    From Lindau, we went to Schruns, Austria. Schruns is a small and beautiful Austrian town and we unpacked our bags at the town’s five star hotel, The Lȍwen. Interestingly, the Libherr Crane Company, which is a thriving family business of crane manufacturing started in Germany and is known internationally, has a plant right in Schruns. Libherr always has company hotel next to the business, which in this case was The Lȍwen, fashioned in the most up to date European new wave chic. The cost of our room, without the club discount, would have been more than what two people would have paid for the entire trip. Add six course dinners every night; day trips to Innsbruck, St. Anton, Liechtenstein, and Alpenzell, Switzerland; and throw in a spa that was full of naked good looking men and you had the makings for a hot time in the old town for a week.

    Then on to Zurich and Spain, specifically Barcelona. Barcelona has a charm and a spirit that is more than can be expressed in words. Good wine, tapas for lunch and dinner by just walking down the street, and the Gaudi buildings, especially Sagrada Familia church that I will never forget.  I constantly had my mouth open for food or because of sheer awe of the city’s beauty.

    Then off to Madrid, the capital, and it is safe to say that it must be one of the cleanest cities in the world. Museums, more tapas, more wine, and it was back to the states with the smell not of wine but of a good time in Spain on our breaths.

    Special thanks to Pat Ownby, Ina Gerlach, and Jim Mullinax for making the trip such a success.

    Another Chattanooga Ski Club event that will be difficult to forget.

    Past President,
    Ashley Ownby

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    “Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.”

    "Bicycling is better for your body, mind, wallet and world. Bicyclists make better lovers! A bike ride a day keeps the doctor away!"

    The above quotes sum up the mantra for the Virginia Creeper Bike Ride May 2018 for 17 CSC members brave enough to trek to Abingdon, Virginia on Friday May 4h in spite of the 100% chance of the rain prediction for ride day, Saturday May 5th.

    We had all arrived Friday by 4:00 p.m., checked into our rooms, secured our spot on the bike shuttle for Saturday morning, and headed down to Wolf Hills Brewery for craft beer and a taco from the taco trailer that pulled up outside the brewery.  Despite the looming gray sky and a few drops of rain that begin to fall, we all were sure that the rain would hold off until after the ride on Saturday.

    After dinner Friday night, we made our way to the Barter Theatre. I had been very apprehensive about the play, “In the Heat of The Night," and to be perfectly truthful, I only purchased my ticket to ensure that we received the group rate. To my delight and surprise, we all enjoyed the performance.

    Saturday morning, it was thankfully not raining, and we gathered at the bike shop to board the 8:30 a.m. shuttle to the top of White Top Mountain.  After the traditional stop at Green Cove Station for the group picture, we had a little trouble with the rented bicycles, with one blown derailleur and two flat tires. Yes, it is worth the effort to bring your own bike!  Thankfully the rain did not begin until we reached the Ice Cream Shop. Most of us decided to board the shuttle back, and the rest rode the 20 more miles to Abingdon. 

    After the ride we gathered on the veranda for “Happy Hour." Much thanks to Larry Plemons for the margaritas, wonderful after a day on the trail.  Again the rain cooperated and held off until the exact time to leave for the Tavern Restaurant, so instead of walking, we carpooled the two blocks there. 

    All in all a GREAT TRIP!!!!

    Go with us next time, October 19-21, 2018,

    Barb Wise
    Special Trip Coordinator

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    MAY 18-20 2018

    Don your Cowboy Hats and Chaps all you Dudes!!


    Dates are May 18-20 at the French Broad River Outpost Dude Ranch. This is an all inclusive ranch in Del Rio, TN., about an hour north of Knoxville, TN., past Newport, TN.

    The ranch consists of furnished lodge rooms, cabins and the Lone Star hotel with saloon. Included: dinner Friday evening, three meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday morning, all served family style; room w/air and private bath for two nights, activities such as guided trail riding, hiking, fishing, etc. You may bring your own kayaks, SUP's with you to further enjoy your experience on the French Broad River. Towels, sheets, pillows, blankets are provided, but no toiletries. So don't forget your toothpaste!!

    Alcohol; beer and wine coolers are for sale in the Saloon. Alcohol won't be served while you are involved in an activity. You may bring your own alcoholic beverages with you (please label with your name), which will be delivered to and distributed by the Saloon. Saturday evening there will be a band and dancing. Also board/card games in the saloon. If you are hankering for another guided trail ride, you may extend your Sunday check out to include a ride, and lunch for $62.88. PLEASE let me know ASAP!

    If you plan on riding, you must take part in an orientation on Friday afternoon and the Saturday morning ride during which you will become familiar with your horse. If you feel you will be arriving after check-in (4PM), let me know so we can push orientation to later in the evening.

    The cost of three days of fresh air, rippling waters, good fun and fellowship is $300.00. We have 28 guests going, so we have the entire ranch to ourselves!!

    Cancellation Policy: If you have to cancel, you will get a refund less $50.00 fee unless you replace yourself with another guest. We have to keep a 20 person minimum to retain our discount.

    Directions from Chattanooga; I-40E to K'ville. Stay left, take exit 432B for US-25W E/US-70 toward Newport TN. Continue on US-70E to Old River Rd. Merge onto US 25W S/US-411 N/US-70E. Continue to follow US-70E, Turn right onto TN-107W, turn right onto Old River Rd. Destination on the left: 461 Old River Rd., Del Rio. TN 37727. 800-995-7678

    This cannot be paid on line, so please contact Carolyn Crabtree, or 423-838-3622. Any checks are made to the Chattanooga Ski Club, 504 Crewdson Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37405

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    First of all, I would like to thank Ashley for the hard work and wisdom he has bestowed on us for the last three years.  Thanks also to everyone else on the board and all those who have contributed in making our club a great success.  It takes the collective energy of everyone to make it happen.  

    Our club has come a long way, offering so many great activities for everyone in the last few years. That reflects on the attitude we all share. Sometimes our best laid plans do not work out perfectly, but even if the weather doesn't cooperate or mishaps happen, we all have a good time. 

    It's very refreshing to see new faces at our monthly meetings. Keep them coming! 

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at our May 1 meeting.

    Mike Hood

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    Well, turn out the lights, the party is over regarding the ski season.

     Seems like it was just yesterday we were getting our stage and comedy acts together going to Steamboat for ski camp, and then, what do you know, Austria and Spain are in the rear view mirror and we are looking to 2019 for our next big snow fix. Another great year of ski trips with the club, and the best thing is we have so many other weekend trips in spring, summer and fall to keep us occupied until winter decides to grace us again with its cool presence as always.

    If you get a chance and go to the April meeting, say thanks again to Jim Mullenix, Roy Brunner, Bob Tramel,  John Neblett, and Pat Ownby.  These folks were the wind beneath the club’s trips sails this year and all did a great job.


    We have the election of club officers for the next year at the April meeting. Make sure you show up and vote till it hurts.  Seriously, it is a good feeling to serve the club membership to have as many people as possible at the election and know everyone is behind you.

    There will be some changes to the leadership of the club. I will talk about this in the newsletter in just a little bit.


    Wow, this little bit sure came up as fast as a $800.00 per month car payment.

    Anyway, this is the last President newsletter I will write because it is time for some “new money” to come into the game, and it is time for fresh and energetic blood to come into club leadership.  Mike Hood, once elected, will be the new President for the next year and in speaking with him, he is excited to take the club into the near future. Mike has been an important part of the club for years and will do an excellent job.  

    For the past three years, I have had the time of my life being President of the club, seeing everyone each month at meetings, and telling the stupidest stories time and time again that at the least made me laugh whether anyone else got the joke.

    I loved the officer position and I further found out that loved everyone in the club even more. To want to do good things for everyone in the club and to be associated with Board members that all wanted the same was a very special experience.  All little puppies and kittens go to heaven, and so do Chattanooga Ski Club Board members. I never knew what you could receive by just giving a little bit to others until the club board taught me that lesson.

    Many years ago, Willie Nelson was so confounded with the same old grind of playing bars and honky-tonks until early in the morning hours and, in a fit of artistic romancing of Texas saloons and night life, he wrote the following ode to a good time coming to an end. I feel it is good and proper that we look at the lyrics, do minor self-reflection, and if a good time ends, always look for the next one coming right behind it. It is the following:


    The Party's Over

    Willie Nelson


    Turn out the lights
    The party's over
    They say that all
    Good things must end
    Call it a night
    The party's over
    And tomorrow starts
    The same old thing again

    What a crazy crazy party
    Never seen so many people
    Laughing dancing
    Look at you, you're having fun
    But look at me
    I'm almost cryin'……

    Turn out the lights
    The party's over
    They say that all
    Good things must end
    Call it a night
    The party's over
    And tomorrow starts
    The same old thing again


    See you at the next meeting,

    Ashley Ownby

  • 28 Mar 2018 2:04 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    At the March meeting, Trip Coordinator Jim Mullenix announced two western ski trips for next year. They are:

    Telluride, Colorado
    January 19 - 26, 2019
    $1,450 per person
    Jim Mullenix, Trip Leader

    Park City, Utah
    February 9 - 16, 2019
    $1,575 per person
    John Neblett, Trip Leader

    Both locations have slopeside condos. More information will be given at the April meeting. Events have not yet been set up on the website. Also, more information will be announced for the upcoming European trip.

  • 23 Feb 2018 11:37 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    At the February Board meeting, a tentative slate of candidates was offered for the upcoming year. They are as follows:

    • Mike Hood - President
    • Bob Tramel - Vice President
    • Tom DuBose - Treasurer
    • Hilda Jones - Secretary
    Jim Bates has agreed again to be the Nominating Committee Chair for elections scheduled for the April general meeting. If you are interested in running for one of these offices, please contact Jim Bates at: (706) 965-6331 or  Elections will be held on April 3, 2018 at the Enclave.
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    Well, we are mucking our way through this winter with cold temperatures and then hot springs days in February that are filled with the poison toxins of pollen. Wow, who said, this is the best of all possible worlds? Interesting time, I think we will all agree.


    All reports from Big Sky say that it is negative below zero, but when you are bundled up and outside skiing, everyone has a warm glow going down the hill.  Montana has the snow, the cold, and the ski club so it must be kind of like heaven, white and homey.


    As many of you know I will resign as President of the Ski Club in April. Now that event is for another newsletter. However, I understand that very few members read the newsletter each month, and even fewer click on the President’s column.

    But in a manner similar to how Neil Diamond sang the same songs he sung in the 60’s and 70’s, I want to republish the column I did a couple of years ago in hopes of everyone understanding what pure banality is in written form and how it can add basically nothing to your life in general.  But remember, even a diet cola can taste good and be refreshing on a hot day.

    So once again, from June of 2016, here is the monthly note that was in the Ski Club newsletter.

    JUNE 2016:


    Ambrose Bierce was a writer extraordinaire, American editorialist, journalist, and satirist. He wrote the short story, “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” and, “The Devil’s Dictionary,” that received quite amount of notoriety around the turn of the century. Here are a couple of examples of “The Devil’s Dictionary.”

    • ·      Conservative (n.) A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal who wishes to replace them with others;
    • ·      Egoist (n.) A person of low taste, more interested in himself than me;
    • ·      Faith (n.) Belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel;
    • ·      Lawyer (n.) one skilled in circumventing the law. (He is right on there).

    Bierce was stationed in San Francisco and went to the Mexican Revolution as a journalist and was never heard from again.

    I think that we at the Chattanooga Ski Club need to have our own dictionary, closely aligned to  “The Devil’s Dictionary,” as a way to welcome new folks in the Ski Club and hope they will feel as comfortable as Osama bin Laden did when he was sent to Hell by Seal Team 6.

     Here we go:

    • 1.     APRES SKI BARS - The only bars in the world were after a day of skiing and libation, the song “PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY,” is played twice an hour, really sounds good, and petitions are on the every table for making it the U.S. National Anthem that you really want to sign;
    • 2.     LIFT TICKET - An ounce of Legal Colorado marijuana purchased for you and friends;
    • 3.     SKI PANTS - The only type of clothing that men feel comfortable telling their wives truthfully, “No, Honey, your butt doesn’t look big at all in those ski slacks;”
    • 4.     SKI HELMET - An article worn over the head as a safety device but everyone knows is absolutely no protection when going head first in a tree.  The only purpose of the object is keeping your head warm on cold days. (Of course, that is something);
    • 5.     SKI BOOTS - Torture tools of the Spanish Inquisition used to find infidels, witches, and warlocks. Through the years, good skiers understand that to ski well their boots must cause them unimaginable pain. If their boots feel good, pious gods will attack your ankles and knees, and you will get hurt and require serious surgery. (“ .…WHERE IT’S AT, I GOT REAL TIGHT BOOTS AND MICROPHONE….”)(take-off on a Beck song);
    • 6.     SKI GOOGLES - what the world looks like after seven (7) Moscow mules at the end of the day in the local ski bar;
    • 7.     BUMPS - When seen on a ski slope, they are just like ones on your body: not real attractive and can be killers if not taken care of with extreme care by a trained professional;
    • 8.     POMA LIFTS - The opposite of falling and sliding down the mountain, a poma lift never stops, going up the mountain and always requires that you fall getting on.   The best way to be shamed and noticed on a hill at the same time is a poma lift;
    • 9.     SKI POLES - What you call a group of folks from Warsaw at the après ski bar.

    This is not complete but will hopefully get it started and everyone thinking about proper definitions for the Chattanooga Ski Club for words that we use all the time a ski resort.

    Quote of the Month:

    I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places.

                Henny Youngman, comedian extraordinaire


    Ashley Ownby

  • 29 Jan 2018 5:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Hopefully the cold weather warms your hearts and everyone is getting back on track after the holidays to a normal routine. But realize, the cold weather may be refreshing but it will not get your car started on a subzero hard frost morning.

    The ironies of life.


    If you did not go to Snowmass, it was great. Some powder, good skiing, and the X Games. Just a big overall Wow.

    To Bob Tramel, three cheers and a hearty, “High Ho Silver,” for a great job leading the trip.

    Looking forward to Big Sky.


    Warren Miller passed away last week.

    The name of Warren Miller is a necessity just like ski pants, jackets, and helmets that we wear when bounding down a snow covered slope. Yes, we must wear proper clothes, but we also must have the memories of his movies when we ski so we can try to the find the pleasing and exciting ski sensation he made us feel in his films.  

    He saw something through his camera lens 70 years ago that many people are still trying to find and attempt to take to another level. Today’s ski films are good, but at best they are only copies of what Warren was doing years ago.

    Over 20 years ago, I did not have the best ski trip, blew out a knee. I got the desire to go back on the slopes from watching his movies from Blockbuster while on the couch, and wanting to catch that feeling again by getting back on skis.

    Wishing you safe travels and good snow in Heaven, Warren.


    How can you mend a broken heart?
    How can you stop the rain from falling down?
    How can you stop the sun from shining?

    What makes the world go round?

    How can you mend this broken man?
    How can a loser ever win?
    Please help me mend my broken heart

    And let me live again

    (The Bee Gees)

    Pain, as we know, goes far beyond broken bones. A mobster on a TV show years ago said something I have never forgot, being the following: “Never break a leg because it can heal. Always wound someone’s mind and that will never be set right!!!”

    Point being, mental suffering is the worst kind of injury.  It just breaks you. Having a mental injury is just like Listerine mouth wash, you just learn to deal with it. 

    Here is a little story about a horrible shock that occurred to a person and his family, the associated broken hearts, and the appropriate medicine that is available over-the-counter to mend the resulting traumatic, horrible, and unforeseen affair of the heart wounds that from time to time occur.

    Of course, the Chattanooga Ski Club is involved.

    Everyone knows Mike Hood. He is the Vice-President and soon to be President of the club.  Mike has been a valuable member for many years, and, as we know, he is one of the people in our lives that is always helping others because that is just what people like him do. I am sure he learned it from his parents.

    Mike’s mother Marilyn Louise Hood passed away on January 15, 2018 unexpectedly From everything I know, Mike and his mother had a very close relationship. She was loved by everyone who knew her including all family members and definitely Mike’s siblings. I understand Mike called her every morning prior to going to work at the gun store to make sure she was okay.

    Ms. Hood’s passing was sudden and unexpected, and, as everyone can gather, it stunned Mike and his family to their core. They were all overcome with the pain of losing a good and decent parent from their lives forever. That type of hurt permeates all of your thoughts and causes the emptiest feelings in your heart and soul.

    Everyone loses people we love, but how do we deal with the pain? 

    Self-medication has been one of my favorite cure-alls.  Yes, but you do have bad breath from vomiting, and you have to be careful about what the dope you buy is cut with, but still, illegal drugs and alcohol always temporarily dulled the hurt for me until I could hopefully better handle it at a later date.  Works for me, but I would not recommend it to others.

    Mike, however, had a much, much, better way of self-medicating himself to deal with his mother’s passing.  And it was so good of a medicine of such potency, we all may have to get some for future illnesses. If was a doctor, I would prescribe it daily and get insurance to pay for it.

    Instead of leaving his mother’s funeral and heading to the local bar, saloon, or a Soddy Daisy meth house to ease his troubled mind, Mike hopped on a bus exactly one day after his mother’s funeral and headed out west with 48 of his friends to ski all of his troubles, all of his heartaches, and all of the pain of his mother away. I will assume sometime over the week of skiing with his friends, he buried all the issues acquired from her loss somewhere under the frozen snow of some big beautiful ski slope in Snowmass, Colorado. Snow can dissolve heartache away like the sun on ice if given a chance.

    The hurt of losing a parent never goes away but you can have peace with the loss. Mike was at peace in Snowmass. Another chronic disease cured by friends and snow. That is how you mend a broken heart.

    I understand that prayer and the grace of the Good Lord can help us in our darkest times.

    But a ski trip enjoying the snow with the Chattanooga Ski Club, the camaraderie of the members, and laughing and hugging everybody may be some of the best medicine you can get over-the-counter. Yikes, not only are we a club that snow skis, has parties, and good times, but we may even be able to heal those who are hurt with afflictions other than having broken bones and gout.

    Oral Roberts and Benny Hinn better watch out.

    Much like Big Pharma telling all their secrets and violating federal patent protections, I will tell you the recipe to the remedy I am talking about with this column.

    The secret to the Chattanooga Ski Club “medicine” is very simple and was spoken last week with the death of filmmaker Warren Miller.  Miller said the reason he lived out of his car in parking lots of ski resorts the 40’s and 50’s trying to film people skiing while freezing to death at the same time all came down to one simple thing: “It was just so much fun!”

    I never thought of fun being up there with Valium and Viagra, but who knows?

    God bless you Mike and your family; we at the ski club are so sorry for your loss.

    But know, just like the song says [], your mother is now flying throughout the atmosphere with clouds of Jupiter all in her hair. And on her flight travels in space, throughout the universe, as she sees all the wonders of everything everywhere we all dream about, please know that when you look at pictures of your time in Snowmass with Gail and all your friends, your mother was then and is now always thinking about you and your siblings and will be laughing at you in your office from time to time. All you have to do is listen for her.

    See you at the next meeting,

    Ashley Ownby