• 20 Feb 2019 2:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We gathered 26 members at Woodland Park Baptist Church for the bus ride to the Atlanta airport, with another 10 who met us at the Salt Lake airport.  The transportation worked out well.  TSA was back at work so there were minimal lines through security.  Both bus rides were without any drama with most of us riding the bus from Salt Lake to Park City.  The party had begun We had a liquor and food stop at Park City before continuing to the Snowflower condos where porter services carried the bags up to our rooms.

    The ground and secondary roads had a few inches of ice and snow from the 48 inches of snow that had fallen in the previous seven days.  The usual mantra for all ski resorts is: you should have been here last week or you should stay till next week.  Our week broke that scenario. We had 39 inches of snow during our stay with some windy and some sunny days.  We had great snow conditions with occasional low visibility but reasonable temperatures. Park City Resort is so large that the Canyons had perfect conditions while the main resort had low visibility and wind one day.  Deer Valley a couple of miles away had different conditions from the others. 

    Some of the 2019 FIS Snowboard, Freestyle, and Freeski World Championship events were held at Park City and Deer Valley during our stay.  Several of us went to venues at both locations.  Watching the top athletes in the world compete was amazing. At 68, I’m giving up hope I’ll ever be among that elite group of athletes. 

    Some joined Knoxville and Nashville for an event at Wasatch Brewing Company and for a Deer Valley dessert tasting.  We also had a group pizza dinner at the Snowflower condos.  We had six birthdays and the ski club’s 50th anniversary to celebrate.  The Boston cream pie and the carrot cake were the hits of the desserts.  No more "birthday cakes," please!

    One unusual event occurred while skiing.  Several people skied down into a canyon, but the lifts closed due to wind while they were there.  Snowmobiles were used to transport them out.  One person was on the back of the snowmobile and three were towed by rope behind it.  There were loops on the rope that the poles were put through and then you held onto the poles.  No one fell or had any problems with the “rescue." I’m sure that was an adventure.

    Foodies had a ball on this trip.  From yurts on the mountain at night, to the wonderful Deer Valley seafood buffet, to an Irish restaurant, they had it all.  Options abounded and waistlines expanded.  Wine and cheese on Friday night was also enjoyed.

    We had several newbies on this trip.  They fit into the group and were welcomed by everyone.  This group of people melded together quickly, and had a great time with skiing, snowshoeing, shopping, eating, and visiting.  This was a great group I would go anywhere with. Old friends and new friends; we cannot wish for more. 

    The trips home were all we could ask for.  There were no surprises or delays.  We were home before the bad weather arrived.  This was a trip to remember and savor for many seasons.

    John Neblett

  • 15 Feb 2019 9:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    This season thus far a total of four racers from Chattanooga have ventured into each of the the foggy, cold, and rainy races of the season. Season point totals are as follows for those racers: Marla Hood 110, Wes Carroll 73, Chuck Corey 73, and Dan Carroll 36. In all fairness, Marla has been able to finish more races this year while racing in easier flights whereas Dan has been racing in flights 3 and 4 all season where you either win or DQ trying with the big boys. So far a total of eight podium finishes have been captured by these four racers this season with four of those being 1st place finishes! Great job team!! Division two has been well represented with Marla bringing home two 1st place slalom finishes, one 1st place GS, and one 3rd place slalom. Chuck has also had a great season with two 2nd place slalom finishes and one 3rd place GS finish. Dan and Wes have raced in two of the toughest flights in division one all season earning valuable team points at each race. In a very impressive showing Wes Carroll brought home a 1st place GS finish in flight 7 no less! Unfortunately for Team Chattanooga, Dan and Wes opted to join the larger and more competitive Raleigh race team this season, but we still wish them the best for the remainder of the season and it is always good to have them up there. If you see them out and about in Chattanooga, offer them your congrats because these are two of the fastest racers Chattanooga has ever seen.
  • 1 Feb 2019 3:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thirty two lucky skiers set out for a skier's paradise in Telluride, Colorado on January 19th. The group enjoyed fantastic conditions with fresh powder and groomed slopes every day. We had a chicken alfredo group dinner in the trip leader's condo on Tuesday night. We celebrated three club member birthdays with a chocolate cake and we celebrated 50 YEARS OF THE CHATTANOOGA SKI CLUB with a carrot cake. On Wednesday evening, approximately 20 members went to a "Second City" play at the Telluride High School. The week ended with a pot luck dinner on Friday evening. Most condos did not have much to contribute so it turned out to be a pizza party.

    Our return air flights became a challenge when the weather in Chicago turned to sub zero weather and snow. Our flight out of Colorado was delayed and our flight to Atlanta was lost. We diverted and left Chicago for Nashville. Our great Royal Bus Company was able to also divert to Nashville. We arrived in Chattanooga around 3am. I hope all enjoyed the trip as much as I did.

    Your fearless leader,

    Jim Mullenix

  • 1 Feb 2019 11:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Welcome to all our guests and members this winter of 2019. The weather out west has been a skier's dream. Just today, as I write this, Park City received over 15 inches of fresh snow and Telluride also has gotten 8 inches or more a day for the last several days.  From what I have read, Colorado will continue receive more snow.  Now the North Carolina mountains have rebounded from the warm spell we had and have great conditions.  Good luck to all our race team members heading to Appalachian. 

    I had an interesting read in the "Ski Essential Chairlift Chat."  Forbes covers the growing power of women in skiing.  The women of the FIS World Cup have out-earned the men for the last two years. It also points out the rise of women to position of power in the ski industry. And, the number of women who ski backcountry is increasing more than men. It's safe to say that leadership roles in the Crescent Council and our club by women are on the rise, and I applaud you for that!  I look forward to working with everyone in our club to provide activities and encourage everyone to participate through volunteering or seeking an elected position.  Together we win!


  • 13 Jan 2019 11:18 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    What do you get when you cross a steel locomotive and Bourbon Street? Thirteen CSC members who actually made the trek to Birmingham to board an Amtrak train headed to New Orleans (NOLA)! I was very nervous about this trip as it was my first time to captain a trip that involved another mode of transportation besides a truck or a car.  I was already extremely anxious due to the fact that on a group ticket everybody in the group was on one ticket voucher which I had in my possession with instructions from Amtrak that if I lost it . . . Well you get the picture.   

    At the Amtrak Station in Birmingham, we discovered that parking your vehicle was extremely difficult.  After numerous trips to the parking garage with no one on duty or anyone to ask (it seems that Wednesday December 26th was still a holiday at the parking garage) finally everyone was able to park (don’t ask, but some parked without a ticket to leave the parking deck). 

    The train ride (for several of us it was our first ever real train trip), was wonderful. The seats were wide with plenty of leg room, Amtrak did not check or weigh our bags, and we were able to carry on adult beverages.  Of course, we were all very moderate consumers!

    NOLA was great; here are just a few of the comments from CSC members that went on the trip: Dee Campbell wrote,” Wonderful adventure to New Orleans.  Even though we had to experience rain each day we all laughed our way back to the hotel each night. We were blessed with a great group and enjoyed all our train travel each way.  If there is ever another adventure to New Orleans, everyone needs to join together and make this trip.”

    New CSC member Paula Guffey wrote, “The NOLA trip was great!!! It could have been hard to say what the best part was, but being treated to a celebration of a life well lived -- a New Orleans jazz funeral -- made the pick easy. I also enjoyed that there was plenty to do solo, with a few friends, or with the whole group…whatever your mood was for the day.  The hotel was great, the train ride was great and the company was amazing.”

    Mandee Taylor wrote, “Honesty I have no complaints.  I would love a bit better weather and an extra day.  The train ride was great. Parking in Birmingham was a challenge.  Looking forward to our next adventure.”

    Remember: what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans!

    Go with us next time,


  • 28 Dec 2018 4:59 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all our members and guests who have visited this year.   As I write this, it's only seven days until Christmas -- wow, this year has flown by! Our club has enjoyed a lot of great adventures and activities  in 2018, and we still have one more trip to go.   

    The Christmas party was a great success with 125 people in attendance. Thanks to all who help get this together.  We try to make it the best for everyone, but every year we see that we need to tweak this or that,  and we do.  I feel we have found the best location in town for this event.

    New Orleans is getting ready to be invaded by our members Dec. 26-30.  Looking forward to hearing about that trip at our January meeting.  

    Our race team headed up to Appalachian Ski Resort Dec. 15-16 , and thanks to the winter storm that came through the week before, we had great conditions. I am sure we will get a good report on this one.  

    Tom DuBose sent out an email asking for volunteers for a booth at the 7th Annual Lookout Wild Film Festival Jan 24-27,  if you are interested in helping, please contact Tom at 423-605-3122.  Check out our website and this newsletter for a lot more events coming up soon!  Let's all hope the Polar Express spreads a lot snow on us in the months to come!

    Happy Winter to All,


  • 28 Dec 2018 4:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Crescent Ski Council's 2018 week in Steamboat Springs had the best snow in years. After a lack of snow the year before, participants were rewarded with most of the trails open for the five days of ski lessons with the best instructors at the resort. While most of the Southeastern attendees were repeat customers, ski lessons were available for all levels of skiers and snowboarders including first time skiers. This trip is a terrific value that includes lessons, lodging, three slopeside lunches, two dinners, and a welcome party with wine, beer, and hors d’oeuvres.

    The Chattanoga Ski Club had about a dozen members participating this year. Thanks to Jerry Hicks who made arrangements at a local restaurant on one of our free nights for the Chattanoga folks, which was great fun for all.

    We learned that only about 20% of the time is the snowfall light on the first week of December. Even when the snow is light, the instructors do their best to give us tips to improve our turns and techniques. This year, the great snow meant we had a wide variety of runs to practice on.

    If you haven't skied before or if it's been years since you were on skis, you should consider this trip next year.  That way, you can take advantage of the wonderful ski trips our club books every year. And for those of you still skiing, remember that skiing is a lesson sport -- everyone can use some instruction to help rid us of the bad skiing habits or sloppy technique we all are prone to.  That's why so many of those who come to Steamboat are repeat attendees.

  • 28 Nov 2018 6:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Welcome to all our new members and hello to all our members!  For those of you who have brought guests to recent meetings, keep up the good work!

    As I write this, the western resorts are getting snow.  Good news for all of us downhillers!  Telluride has had 56 inches so far this year, with 7 out of 147 runs open plus 6 of 17 lifts open.  Park City has 12 out of 41 lifts open, and 15 of 341 trails.  Long term forecast for both resorts is for more snow!

    In a few days, many of our group will be in Steamboat for the annual Crescent Ski Camp.  There's a big improvement in the snow this year as compared with last year.  If you need haven't skied in a long time or just want to improve your skiing, the Crescent Ski Camp is a great deal for a week at Steamboat, including five days of lessons. Think about it for next year.

    As far as our local eastern resorts go, Appalachian near Boone is open, Sugar is open, and Cataloochee is open. Looks as if our racing team will be on track for a good one coming up Dec 15 and 16 in Appalachian.  If anyone is interested in a weekend going thru the gates,  get with Marla Hood.  If I can qualify, any average skier can, and if you are a downhill whiz, we need you on our team as well.  

    The annual Christmas party is this month;  I can't wait. It will be a good time.

    As far as ski news, the thing that has caught my eye was the new Phantom Wax. One application is all you ever need, interesting concept there.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season,

    Mike Hood

  • 26 Oct 2018 10:07 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Welcome to all our new members, and hello to all members. What a great fall we have gotten a start on!  As I write this, we have a bunch up in Virginia riding the Creeper Trail.  I hope they packed some warm clothes!  I and several others are getting our land legs back under us after our adventures on the Carnival Miracle.  What a great cruise! My first and also my first hurricane.  I give a big thanks to Jim Bates for getting this together for us. I am sure the club and I will have more cruises in the future. OK, let's talk about snow!  At least four resorts are schedule to open this weekend: Colorado's Wolf Creek, Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, and, in the Tahoe region, Mt. Rose.  Always nice to see early snow. The Farmer's Alamnac is predicting a good year for snow.  Everybody needs to keep their fingers crossed that we enjoy some great conditions on our trips this year!  Also, everyone be sure to RSVP for the upcoming Christmas party so we can get an accurate head count for food. Looking forward to seeing you at the November meeting! 

    Thank you,
    Mike Hood

  • 26 Oct 2018 9:52 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Forty-eight Chattanooga Ski Club members flew or drove to Tampa, Florida a day or two before our adventure cruise began so they could enjoy the beauty of Florida as well as this wonderful city.

    On Sunday, October 7, we boarded the beautiful Carnival Miracle and left the port of Tampa. Members used this time to explore our ship and discover the many amenities it had to offer as well as enjoy their favorite beverages.

    On this same day, Hurricane Michael decided to form near Cozumel and headed north to meet us on our way there.  Our Captain must have thought we didn’t have room for Michael on the ship, so we headed due south from Tampa instead of the usual southwest route across the Gulf.  On Monday, our sea day, we took a left just north of Cuba and slowly cruised as we gave Michael time to move out of our way (having fun all the time).  By Monday afternoon, Michael had moved north enough to not be a factor in our fun. However, the rerouting around Hurricane Michael caused us to have to forego our visit to Cozumel. 

    Tuesday was another fun sea day and by Wednesday we were back on schedule with beautiful weather and smooth sailing.  On these sea days, popular activities were eating, sunning, exercising, reading, listening to one of the many music performances, or participating in the many family games and activities offered on board the ship (not to mention gambling in the casino).  We regretted missing our visit to the beautiful port of Cozumel, but we appreciate Carnival Cruise Lines for making our safety their paramount concern. Throughout the cruise, we were never in rough seas or bad weather.

    Wednesday was a day for excursions at Belize.  Cruisers were tendered (taken by boat) to the mainland.  Large ships cannot dock at Belize because Belize has the second longest coral reef, second only to the Great Barrier Reef near Australia.  Members enjoyed many activities, like scuba diving, jungle river boat rides, visiting Mayan ruins, eating local foods, and swimming in beautiful clear water at exclusive resorts.

    On Thursday, we enjoyed the tropical Isle of Roatan, Honduras. Carnival’s own private beach and beautiful shopping area was just a short walk from the dock.  We were particularly lucky on this day because we were the ONLY ship docked at the port and had these areas to ourselves. Many enjoyed this great beach area while others were busy exploring with excursions like scuba diving, sightseeing the coral reef in a semi-submersible boat, or flying on the zip lines through the forest. 

    On Friday, we woke up anchored near the port at Grand Cayman, the largest of the Cayman Islands. Cruisers were tendered to the mainland where they explored the Georgetown port area or met up with the leader of their chosen excursion.  Popular excursions on the cruise seemed to be the ones that involved swimming with the dolphins or stingrays.

    On most nights, live singing and dancing productions or other shows were enjoyed in the Phantom Theater.  In the Mad Hatter’s Lounge, the comedy shows were very popular.  The Red Frog Pub, with its Caribbean, laid-back atmosphere and enjoyable music, was a popular “watering hole” for our members.  Karaoke in the Red Frog and in the comedy club was also a well-attended event many times during the cruise, especially since our own Bill Hooton performed several times and was a big hit.  Soon, everywhere Bill went, strangers would point and say, “Hey Bill!”

    Our group consisted of first time cruisers to experienced cruisers and contained a mixture of members from various parts of Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.  They all liked the fact that, although this was a group trip, each person or couple individualized the experience and activities on the cruise to their own desires.  On Saturday, many members migrated to the Sports Bar to watch the Tennessee-Auburn game with delight.  Unfortunately, the channels that carried the Alabama and the Georgia games on that day weren’t available at sea.

    Every night of the cruise we were seated together for dinner (six tables of various sizes).  This was a special time for sharing of the day’s activities, laughing, and eating too much.  Night after night, we were impressed with the great service, wonderful food selections, and appealing presentations, especially the baked Alaska on the last night. Many members knew each other before the cruise, but we all regarded everyone in the group as friends at the end of the cruise.  Before the end of the cruise, we had started a random rotation of our seating at dinner so more members would get to know and enjoy each other better. 

    Everyone had a great time at the private cocktail party that Carnival sponsored for the Chattanooga Ski Club on Saturday afternoon and couldn’t believe the week went by so fast.  This was a fun time to share the week’s experiences and laugh.

    We woke up Sunday at the Tampa dock, disembarked the ship, and flew (or drove) home with many lifetime memories of our fun together on this adventurous cruise.