Crescent Racing

If you are an intermediate level skier or better and you have dreamed of being just like (or even sort of like) Ted Ligety or Lindsey Vonn then racing may be for you.  Races are held over six weekends in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.  On a snowboard? ...not a problem as you can race on skis or snowboards.  Slalom races (short tight turns) are held on Saturdays and Giant Slalom races (wider sweeping turns) on Sundays.  

We are racing as a team where individual racers collect points for the team throughout the season.  We are competing against the other 20+ race teams in the Crescent Ski Council.  Each individual racer also has the opportunity to podium and win great prizes each day they race.  You will be racing with no more than ten other racers who are similar in ability with you (based on a handicap established when you qualify).  There are two ways to qualify: You can qualify with a Nastar race result or you can qualify during one of the six race weekends in the schedule below.  If you have raced a Nastar course in the last two years you may already be qualified!  

As an added bonus fantastic door prizes are given away each race weekend.  Please note that all racers must wear a helmet and goggles on the race course at all times.  If you are interested in racing with the Chattanooga Ski Club please contact Kevin Cleek at