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Len Foote Hike Inn Trip Report by Barb Wise

23 Oct 2020 9:52 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Secrets Revealed About CSC Members on Len Foote Hike!

“Walking/ hiking is such a simple way to travel. It’s probably the slowest possible way to go through a place, and that means that you see it in a much deeper way.”

“There is something profoundly rewarding about getting somewhere beautiful of your own accord and stumbling on an experience like this. When I hike, I have to physically earn the views and the experience. Knowing that I’ve accomplished something physical maybe I didn’t think I could do, or that I’ve overcome some kind of fear while on a hike, is a powerful feeling. It’s actually a bit addicting. I always do my best thinking while I’m hiking.”

These are just two quotes I found on hiking. The Len Foote Hike Inn trip is one that the CSC does every year. Young or old, stay in shape for this hike by taking short hikes over the months before the actual trip. This hike is five miles in and five miles out with an overnight rest before you begin the descent down the mountain. You will be rewarded with fabulous views, good food, sparse rooms, and the best fellowship you can find.

This year, due to COVID-19, the game room (usually stacked with over 200 games) was totally bare. So I brought some games in my already overstuffed backpack.  One of the games we played was for each member to tell something about themselves that no one else would know and the rest of us would try to guess who had written the secret.  It was so much fun with Paula Guffey becoming a perfect MC and stand up comedian to read the secrets.

What secrets were revealed?  We have members in our club that have done the following:

1. Ridden on the Olympic luge course.

2. Worked as a river guide on the Ocoee River.

3. Holds every record from 100 meters to the mile in their high school to this day.

4. Played hockey in high school.

5. Had a 1963 Corvair as their first car.

6. Was a majorette in high school.

7. Was bitten by a stray cat in the middle of a lake.

8. Can play the accordion.

9. Was attacked by pit bulls twice in the last two years.

10. Dove for black pearls in the Cook Islands.

11. Was an aviator in the Army.

12. Painted a dairy barn twice.

Of course, who did all these interesting things will remain a secret because, as always, you should have been there!

So, go with us next time,


P.S.  Thanks to Penny and Scott Kramer for bringing a card game called “Screw Your Neighbor!" So much fun!