Trip Insurance

5 Apr 2019 12:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Although ski trips, cruises, and European tours are pleasurable, generally risk-free events, emergencies can happen. A sudden illness of yourself or a loved one before a trip, or an illness or injury during a trip, may cost you money. Unfortunately, many trip insurance policies charge more depending on age, as those most likely to need it are older. If the trip insurance offered by our vendors is too costly for you, you have some options:

  • Several websites offer the ability to compare several trip insurance companies at once, to see which rate is best for you.
  • One company recommended by some of our members is World Nomads. Their web page is:
  • Check your credit card policy for whether it offers trip insurance when you pay for your trip with your credit card.

While we now accept credit card payments for large trips, we can’t afford to absorb the fee we are charged for processing a credit card payment. Nevertheless, the payment of that fee may be offset for you if you get free travel insurance coverage. And you may earn points for using your card. Again, check with your credit card company to see what it offers regarding insurance and/or points.

If fear of emergencies keeps you from taking a trip, the cost of trip insurance may be worth the peace of mind it affords you.