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CSC Bardstown Bourbon Trail Trip

21 Dec 2016 10:50 AM | Deleted user

Ghost Tour HUGE Success!!

CSC Bardstown Bourbon Trail Trip

Jerry dipping his bottle of Marker’s Mark

September 23-25, 2016

Fantastic Group (missing the Bates).  Jerry & Becca Hicks, Buddy & Teri Carter, Butch & Carol Cook, Tom & Angelika Edwards/Roden, Roy & Trinda Brunner, Lyn Marvil, &  Melodie Thompson, and Barb Wise.  Thank you to Gordon Campbell our DD. 

When Ashley asked me to take the position as “Special Trip Coordinator” the one thing he said to me was “make it fun, make it affordable, and make it special”! He then said, “The first trip I want you to do is the Bourbon Trail in Bardstown, KY.  CSC member Jerry Hicks would really like a club trip to Bardstown.  Here’s to you Jerry & Becca Hicks. Thank you for a Great Idea!!!

Jerry & Becca Hicks

It was a beautiful fall afternoon when we all arrived in Bardstown to start our trek on the Bourbon Trail.  Maker’s Mark was our first stop for the afternoon, and it was an excellent tour. The tasting did nothing for me except make my mouth pucker! Sorry Bill McCallie…

 CSC members Butch Cook and Roy Brunner had a grand time dipping their own bottle’ of Marker’s Mark into the hot red wax.

Our next Stop was Heaven Hill/Heritage Museum.   Leaving Heritage we arrived at my favorite - The Oscar Getz Whiskey Museum, (I love history, and I always try to visit history museums wherever I go,  making it a part of my trip.  I did this when my children were little, turning a vacation trip into a learning trip of local history).  The Oscar Getz Museum was this and more, the museum is housed in a Catholic Boys Home.  The rooms are all full of memorabilia from the 1800’s to today on whiskey and related trivia.  

We then had a private after hours tour.  It was so special just the CSC on a guided tour of this historic building.  One of the items was the bottle of REDRUM from the movie “The Shining”!  Donated by Barbara Wise (for real) from Griffin, GA.   I love history and soak it up like a sponge anytime I can.

Dinner Friday night was at the “RickHouse Restaurant” recommended by CSC member Dr. Jeanne Scanland.  The restaurant is located in the basement of the Getz Museum - how convenient was that?  Just walk downstairs to an old wine cellar turned into one of the finest dining experiences in Bardstown.  

On Saturday we visited four more distilleries.  We went to six all together: Marker’s Mark, Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, Four Roses & Willett’s.  

We are all now experts on bourbon, just ask us and we can tell you all you ever wanted to know about bourbon but were afraid to ask!

A few of the main points that stuck in my head were:

*All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon.

*The reason Pappy Van Winkle is so expensive is because this angel comes down and drinks 3/4 of the barrel before it is opened.  Therefore leaving very little to bottle.  And that is the truth!!!  It is called “the angel’s share.”

Oh, I almost forgot the Ghost Tour, oh me, oh my, I knew I was in trouble when I found out Patti, (she informed us) was a Ghost Hunter! Certified and bonafide!!!  When she told us the walls of the Talbott Inn called her name and told her to work there, we lost most of the group to the bar across the street.  The faithful few that remained with me was because I think they felt sorry for me, Tom and Angelika mainly because I think they thought Patti might make me disappear.   Four of us (me, Tom, Angelika & Melody) braved our way to Jesse James’ bedroom where we were to see the Ghost of Jesse James.  Well Jesse did not appear, however Patti did show us pictures of his “ghost” on her IPad.  Patti lost the rest of us when on her IPad screen she was scrolling through the pictures of ghost sightings in Bardstown she said; “Oh here is one of me and Howie Mandell”.  

That’s all folks.

Good Trip, Great Fun, Grand Time!
Go with us next time.
Barb Wise